Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Things Friday

Another Friday & it's even better because it's a 3-day weekend! (Except for Husband, boo). I'm stoked for some relaxation, time with friends & family & definitely happy to lounge in a nice cold pool on Monday.

Here's an adorable picture of the baby to get the weekend off right!  She was so over me taking a picture of her & kept covering here eyes at the flash.

Ok so I'm so tired of hearing about this Miley crap but I must say...what is the big deal?!  Don't get me wrong, watching her twerk & hump Robin Thicke made me vomit in my mouth a little & want to stab my eyeballs...BUT why is everyone so upset with MTV.  And shocked.  I don't get it.  People, we're talking about the MTV awards show. Hear that...MTV. This isn't the Grammy's or the Tony Awards ok. MTV.  Their award shows are known for outrageous & provocative performances. What in the world did you expect? Crazy $hit happens every single year at these shows.  Miley isn't the Disney princess she was once was during her Hannah Montana days.  Sorry but get over it because she does this crap for attention & everyone is certainly giving it to her.

Phew...I feel glad I got that off my chest. Know what else I'm glad about...these!

Yes, I talked about a coupon & some points I had for Baublebar a few posts ago & was deciding on which piece to purchase. Well I ended up purchasing 2! The bracelet is kind of hard to see but it's a black gem followed by a tortoise gem...LOVE IT!

I've saved the best for last...FERGIE HAD HER BABY!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I gave birth or something I'm so excited! Thank you E! for letting me know via phone notification! Fergie & Josh named their son Axl Jack & it's adorbs. Even if I didn't like the name before I would totally love it now because I love all things Fergie. He weighed 7lbs 10oz & I can't wait to see pictures. Whichever parent he favors in looks he's going to be one hot baby. I can see Josh being the ultimate dad & we all know Fergie is wonderful at everything she does so motherhood should be no different.  Congrats Duhamel Family!  I'll babysit anytime!