Monday, August 5, 2013

The Skinny on my Skin

If you have ever had a zit (I HATE that word) and you have sensitive skin, you might enjoy this one.

I’ve had skin problems since I can remember & been prescribed so many medications that I lost count. My skin is oober sensitive & my most recent dermatologist decided to prescribe me medicine to treat Rosacea. Who knew! It's helped but still wasn't a good fix for acne flare ups. So I decided to go the natural route. I don't mean natural like not bathing.  I mean no chemicals, no dyes or anything that could cause a catastrophe on my face. I’ve been using this regimen for 2 weeks now & have noticed a difference. Does my face still break out, yes because I am still a woman & must have wacky hormones. But it isn’t as bad & my red blotchiness is so much better. Some things I use may seem a bit odd however if you are ever at a point when you think nothing will work, think outside the box! I did numerous searches online to try & find natural inexpensive remedies.

Here's what I found & have been doing:

Full Fat Plain Greek Yogurt Facial – WHAT?! Sounds strange but lactic acid is in Greek yogurt which can help unclog pores. Ever heard of chemical peels? Lactic Acid chemical peels are great for people with sensitive skin that can't handle the stronger, more harsh peels. Obviously this isn’t as strong as going to a spa & getting a peel but it's great for sensitive skin & it's budget friendly. I just brush it on my face & leave it on as long as I want. It eventually dries & sinks into your skin. It actually feels great this time of year because of the Texas heat. I try to apply this facial 3 to 4 times a week.

Lemon Juice & Honey Facial– This one smells divine! I use the juice from a small lemon & mix it with organic honey. You need a good amount of honey to turn this into a paste. The lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C that can help diminish the look of discoloration on your skin & those pesky fine lines. Basically it is a natural skin lightener & when paired with the honey it’s a great moisturizer. Also, honey is a bacteria killer and can work as an antiseptic. I apply this facial on my in between days from the Greek yogurt facial. I also sometimes use them on the same day, using the yogurt facial first.

Simple Facial Scrub – This product is amazeballs! If you read the info it has no harsh chemicals in it & is so gentle but yet really cleans your face. I use this every night after I wash my face. I know exfoliation is not recommended daily for everyone, but my pores clog super easily & they are already large. So dirty pores=uneven, bigger pores. This product does the trick & my skin is so much softer now. I did begin with just using it 2 days a week & gradually added days.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (not in photo)– You have to get the one that has “The Mother” in it. This is the nasty brown stuff you see floating in the bottle. It may look gross but it’s great for your skin! This little gem is the best. I pour an even amount of distilled water & the vinegar into a clean bottle & use it at night & apply like a toner to my face. It has a potent smell as you would think but if you can get past that for a few minutes, you’ll fall in love like I did. This is also a good bacteria killer and helps unclog pores.

Jason Toothpaste – Yes it is mainly for brushing your pearly whites but can also be used as a spot treatment for zits. I can't promise you'll look pretty when you go to bed with this on your face but it works. I get monster volcano sized breakouts that normally last weeks but this stuff works well at clearing them up fast. My face tends to breakout in the same spot so this helps keep other monsters from popping up. Make sure to use the plain white pastes versus the gel type and I recommend an organic brand as it will have the least amount of chemicals in it.

If I ever get enough courage to post before & after pics, I will. I have my "before" but my "after" have to be model gorgeous before I even think about exposing my skin to the world blog readers.