Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bright Colors & New Jersey

School is definitely back in session...womp womp. I haven't been that frustrated driving to work in a long time. Everyone seems so afraid of getting a ticket in a school zone they'd rather play it safe by driving 10 mph instead of 20 mph! So annoying.

On a lighter note, look at all these great scarves! I have about 50 more on my Pinterest board but these are some of my favorites.

And some color for the week! This color is great, it's kind of a mix of pink & orange & I feel like it blends with a lot of colors & patterns that I wear. Today is striped black & white top & white capri jeans so my nails & toes are popping.
I like these bright colors also.

NJ Housewives: Teresa decided to put on a bikini show for her daughters.  Gia didn't like the sparkly one because it didn't provide enough coverage.

Teresa had to get a quick workout in before revealing her bikini body.

A cute little baby bat decided to pay a visit & everyone freaked out!

The psychic came and everyone thought she was a croc.  Then she started going deep and the guys were crying as much as the girls.

Everyone went on a hike in the beautiful mountains except Melissa.  She was really sick & decided to stay back & sunbathe rest & drink her water.  Everyone else got to share feelings & try to forget the past (yeah right).

 Overall it was a fairly tame episode. We'll see next week if it stays that way!