Friday, August 2, 2013

3 Things Friday

TGIF! I love love love Fridays. Even though my weekends fly by, I'm pumped for them to arrive. If anyone is familiar with a little show on Bravo called Watch What Happens Live then you've heard "3 things I'm obsessed with". So I'm borrowing the idea. My 3 things...

The Bella Twins. Never heard of them? Guess you're not watching Total Divas on the E! Channel. Only one episode has aired but I'm already hooked & I'm favoring them. The show follows the lives of the divas of WWE. Why am I obsessed with them you ask? They're sassy, sexy & vibrant & one of them (Nikki) is dating John Cena so she obviously has good taste in men. I like their attitude & I love any chick who is fit & healthy & proud of it.

Next, Julianne Hough's short hair cut! I recently got over 12 inches of my brown locks cut off & although it doesn't look exactly like hers...she was my inspiration & I'm loving the change. I've always loved short hair but anytime in the past that I've chopped mine off, it never seems to turn out the way I expected. But this time I hit the jackpot. Even though it's like 300% humidity in Texas right now & my hair turns into a ball of frizz the minute I step outside, it's still a fun haircut. I'm looking forward to the Fall weather when I can actually be outside without instantly breaking into a sweat & breathing 100 degree air & my hair will keep a style.

This is a fresh obsession since the news just broke this morning (thank goodness for the E! app on my phone that keeps me up to date on breaking news)...MEGAN FOX IS PREGGERS AGAIN! I don't really get excited about babies or anything involving babies. I don't have kids nor do I want them but on the occasion, I sometimes get excited about famous babies. A few weeks ago I was all about little Prince George Alexander Louis who took way to long to arrive. I've moved on (I still love you little George) & stoked for Megan & Brian (oh David Silver)! They're a gorgeous couple who produce equally gorgeous babies. Congrats! I'm guessing the next baby news I'll be celebrating will be Josh & Fergie's bambino. You can count on a whole blog devoted to the upcoming birth of BABY BOY DUHAMEL soon. Fergie Ferg is due around Aug/Sept & since I named my dog after her, it's clear she's pretty darn special to me & deserves her own blog post!

So TGIF & enjoy the weekend as I plan to do. My plans include getting my hair did, having lunch with Mother & relaxing with Hubby & my Ferg!