Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reunion in O.C. & then On To Miami


The O.C. vixens are back to hash it out in Part I (there are THREE!!).  I don't think I've ever felt so bad for Gretchen.  It was crap on G night for sure.  I'm hoping the heat will burn someone else next week.

Some age old gossip was brought up by Vicki & Tamara about G cheating on her late fiance Jeff. Who gives a rats a$$ if she cheated, if it wasn't in the last season it shouldn't be brought up! What business is it of theirs anyway!

Lydia & Heather surprisingly stay neutral & didn't really choose sides.  Then they start squawking at each other & Heather was about ready to pop a damn vein to get Lydia to shut up! Then Lydia called her Princess & Heather really didn't like that comment & used those arched eyebrows to let her know she wasn't happy.
Seriously don't call me Princess!
Alexis totally stayed under the radar however previews show her & G spatting at each other for next week.

Lori comes out & Vicki gets all psycho & starts flapping her arms. She's still heated about the rumor Lori spread of threesomes & cheating & watching movies in bed while naked (possibly).  Then Vicki shares the rumors she's heard of Lori cheating on her rich husband George. Come on you really think she'd cheat & risk losing the high class life she lives? Lori reminisces about her now drug-free son & his new baby & all is well...bye bye Lori.

Umm excuse me threesomes are dirty!
I feel like the majority of this episode was about G's suspected cheating scandals & nothing else! Oh yeah Tamara starts flashing some photos but conveniently too fast to tell what they are.  I'm guessing they are of G with Mystery Man but the camera never gets close enough.  I love how these women always sneak in paraphernalia & stuff it into the couch cushions & whip them out at just the right moment!
Look at my pictures you liar!
That's all the hoopla I can remember, can't wait for next week.


The premiere starts with Joanna bouncing off a private jet in sexy heals & hops into Lea's fancy car, air kisses & off to be dropped at an expensive car dealership where her statuesque fiance Romain is waiting with keys dangling from his man hands.  They speed off into the sunset in her new wheels.

Alexia, Anna, Lisa & Marysol are at a fashion show waiting for the fashionably late Adriana.  As Lisa & Anna are starting to battle, Adriana shows up & saves the day.  Attention is turned to her when Lisa confronts  her about the secret 5 year marriage to her french man (Fred-Frederick-whatever his name is).  She apparently planned to marry him after 5 minutes of dating, her son got upset & then Fred called off the wedding after they had already obtained a legal marriage license.  I guess she forgot about that.  This coincidentally seems to be 1/3 of the fuel for Adriana & Lea's lapse in friendship.  I think the majority of it is because Lea gave Adriana a ton of money thinking she was a single mom.  Opps!

Alexia's son Frankie was in a horrific accident last year & he was only in an episode or 2.  It was nice to see all the progress he's made.  He clearly doesn't have a filter as to what rolls off his tongue but it's pretty cute.  Her other son Peter is having problems dealing with Frankie's accident & has since had a hard time finding his way in life.

Lisa invites all the ladies to her house for drinks (never a good idea) & apps so Lea & Adriana can work on getting the friendship back up to par.  Lea bails so Joanna takes the lead & begins to fight with Adriana.  Voices are rising & then Marysol starts speaking another language & cries out that the beloved Elsa is in the hospital...I can think of some comments right now but I feel like that would be kicking her while she's everyone is grasping their hearts & feeling sad & realizes that there are awful things happening in the world so lets no fight over such silliness.  Everyone is friend's now.  Except for Lea.

Yay for 2 weddings this season! Adriana & Fred & Romain & Joanna