Tuesday, August 6, 2013

iPads & Reality

I'm proud to announce I'm now an official iPad owner! I've wanted an iPad for a long time & have dropped multiple hints to my parents for months now. Something finally worked because at our lunch outing on Saturday I was told I was getting one! I had to contain my happy squeals since we were in public but I did manage to drop an F-bomb which I’m sure my Daddy was so happy to hear. He was an unexpected guest at our lunch so when I saw him walk in the door with Mother, I was thrilled. Then when they told me about the gift I just couldn’t contain myself. We headed over to Best Buy after lunch & I picked out the newest 16G with the retina display & it’s crystal clear! I’m having fun downloading apps & magazines & I can’t believe how fast it is. I got a pretty pink case that Hubby adores (not really). In the heat of my “all about Jennie” moment, I didn’t even think of something unisex. What can I say, I’m spoiled! Thank you Mother & Daddy for a wonderful present & making it so clear who your favorite child is!

Now on to my Reality…

NJ Housewives…compared to last week’s blowout fight between the Joe’s, this week was pretty tame. So tame that I may have snoozed some while watching. Anyone catch the annoying Teresa trademark squeal that came out of Melissa's mouth at their Sunday dinner?? I did...does that mean next episode Tre is going to talk smack how Melissa copied her? I wouldn't put it past her. Too bad the showdown with Tre & Jac was at the very end of the episode. I'm interested to see how that will go & judging by how it began, not well. Teresa immediately starts out on a bad note with her sassy remarks & still claiming her innocence. At least Joe & Chris hashed it out in about 20 seconds while sipping wine!

Princesses of Long Island…Good lord this was a draining finale. At least I hope it was the finale because I can’t handle anymore of Ashley or Amanda’s ooggie creepy boyfriend/promise fiancĂ© (what does that even mean)! For some reason I’m freaked out at how much Ashley resembles her father. Put an hombre wig on him & some heels & you will have Ashley. I think it’s ridiculous that she’s blaming the other girls for her random hospitalized panic attack. She totally brought that on herself by starting the fight with Joey & then running for the vineyards before winding up hitchhiking. Come on Ash…you refuse to walk without heels on & you won’t eat poor people cheese but you have no problem with hitchhiking? Strange. I don’t blame the other 3 girls for ditching Ash & letting Chanel deal with her. I wouldn’t have missed out on the boat ride either! I vaguely remember the lunch with Casey telling Amanda she just can’t have her in her life anymore because of the way she treated Ashley. Um I’m pretty sure Casey just became BFF with Ashley like 15 minutes ago so what the hell is the big deal! It didn’t seem like Amanda was too broken up about it anyway. On to the next one.

OC Housewives…I had full intentions of adding my commentary to last night's finale but holy hell that one deserves its own blog! Stay tuned!