Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pre-nups, New Closets & Fake Engagements...Oh My!

She has a mini work station!

Closet # 25 probably
Alexia's Closet: Holy moly I LOVE her new closet! It's more like a room just for her clothes, jewels, shoes & accessories. It's actually not over the top or flashy, it's just perfectly awesome. Here are some pics from a video I took with my phone because I can't find any pictures of it anywhere online. There's a video on Bravo's website of her giving a house tour & she shows us her fabulous closet. Everywhere she turns there are mini closets categorized by type of clothing! She even has a closet just for workout clothes & shoes...that was my favorite! I like how it's just off her bedroom & flows into her bathroom. It's open & has natural sunlight from all the windows. I love a closet with windows.

The Lea Meeting: What was the point of this meeting? They didn't accomplish anything & then Adriana ends up in the rain...where did her umbrella go!? And her car broke down in the rain & she took a cab to Lea''s like they live in another world.

Pre-nup: I'm not sure about this one. I can understand why Romain wants a Pre-nup but do they go both ways? I'm thinking Joanna makes some bank all on her own & wants to protect that as well. They seem like an off again/on again couple as it is (I mean they broke up & got back together almost every episode last season) so maybe this is a good safety net. And hey Lisa signed one...did she have anything to protect before marrying money bags Lenny?

Random...lets go for a jog in Florida wearing 10 lbs of workout gear...ok I'm exaggerating but as a former Floridian, I don't think I'd ever wear as much clothing as Marysol & Alexia did for their walk run. Or the accessories...or makeup...etc.

Where did Ana go?

O.C. Reunion Part 2: Geeze Alexis really stayed under the radar this season & so far at the reunion. I thought for sure Gretchen & her would be hashing it out by now but not much happened between them. The whole "bullying" topic was popular again. Andy read some comments from fans claiming Alexis enjoys playing victim. I personally don't think she was bullied by the ladies. I think they spoke their opinions of her last season in Costa Rica & she didn't care too much for what they had to say. So instead of realizing that she has flaws & might want to work on those flaws, she indeed did play victim. But hey AGAIN that was last season so why bring it up at the reunion?? I don't know & I don't care. Alexis was pretty chill this season & I actually enjoyed watching her.

Tamara becomes BFF with G for about 2 minutes
Poor G: This girl can't catch a break...the cast once again throws some daggers at poor G & claims her proposal to Slade was fake & left them feeling empty inside after watching it. They also questioned whether Slade & G got paid for it. I'll admit, it was pretty cheesy but they are kind of a cheesy couple right? Not in a negative way of course. Andy assures his ladies that it wasn't set up & no one got money to get engaged. Anyway, wasn't the whole proposal of Eddie & Tamara filmed & if you ask me, that crap was paid for. I would be extremely surprised to find out Eddie & Tamara paid for the Bora Bora vacation for the event. Whatev. G's tears start gushing (kind of, I didn't actually see tears but she was blotting her eyes) & Tamara rushes to her side (really?) & the ladies are sad because they didn't get to witness the engagement (after just calling it fake) & then G admits the hardest part was not having Alexis there...Alexis then goes into shock...she's confused.

LIAR: Yes yes Tamara lies, she lies to make everyone happy & avoid confrontation...what!? She all of a sudden doesn't like confrontation? Oh that's right, I forgot she had a life changing moment after her speech about becoming an independent woman (even though Eddie is footing the bill start up her new fitness company)...but who's paying attention to details. G read some nasty text messages between her & Tamara regarding Alexis but then Tamara admits she was just saying what she knew G wanted to hear to keep the peace. Hmm.

So that is the week for the last part of the reunion Brooks & Brianna are in attendence & they get fiesty. I can't wait!