Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yoga Mats, Reality & a Splash of Color

My New Mat: I got home Friday after work & was stoked to see my giant yoga mat had arrived! I totally knew it would be there because I started tracking it immediately once it shipped! But I was still excited. It's huge! I can lay down on it & have plenty of room at my feet & hands. It's thick & my body just sinks into it. And it's sticky. I still wear socks when I practice yoga...I have abnormally sweaty feet when I am working out or doing anything strenous & yoga is that! But my socks still stick & I get great traction while doing the poses. During my yoga session on Sunday, I was able to focus more on my breathing and holding the poses correctly than worrying about slipping all over the place. If you're in need of a heavy duty mat check it out on Amazon here. It was only $25 and is worth it.  Ferg let me snap a pic after she finished her stretching.

NJ Housewives Recap: I'm assuming everyone has been hearing the latest on Teresa & Joe's legal woes...crazy. I feel bad for their girls but come on, how could you not know what was going on? I don't buy their BS & can't believe they pled not guilty. Bravo is about to start shooting the next season...will Tre be in orange??

So Sunday's episode...I love Rich & Kathy & how they interact with each other. It's obvious they still have so much love after all these years. I like when couples bicker like that, I think it's cute! But maybe now after telling Rich that she isn't in the whole test kitchen thing & she has her own idea, he'll back off a bit & let her do her thing. She just needs to find her way since she has a passion for desserts.

Melania hair...how original. I always believed Tre had something to do with all the crap that gets said about Melissa & she once again proved that correct at her new hair product launch party. Who is this Penny lady with the scary blonde hair piece? Tre didn't really prove to have Melissa's back. I think she just wanted her to show up so she could prove her innocence...& then prove it again...& then one more time after that. Luckily Joe Gorga wasn't blind all night & saw right through his sister's act.

I'm looking forward to this retreat everyone is going on. I'm sure the drama will follow as it always does when they go on vacation.

Color:  I'm digging my nail polish color for the week. I like to paint my nails every Sunday & it's always a different color. Sometimes I'll paint my toes either a shade darker or lighter just to add some flare. This week I chose the same color for nails & toes & added extra glitterness to my ring fingers.
I love this brand for many reasons:

  • comes in a variety of gorgeous colors
  • dries really fast & I use about 3 coats on each finger
  • inexpensive & I usually have a coupon
  • rarely chips or cracks
  • glides on oober smooth & doesn't leave those pesky bubbles
I look forward to the Fall & I can start wearing my blacks, browns & deep dark reds!