Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello came way too fast.

So I'm driving to work Friday morning & what do I see prancing across the street in front of me...coyotes!  Now, I've had lasik not once, but TWICE & can see 20/20 so yes, they were for sure coyotes. Even the dude in the truck driving towards me slowed down to see! They ran into a thicket that is right by Wiggley Field Dog Park in Denton so that was a little disturbing. It was also disturbing that I drove off the side of the road trying to find them...I don't know what I would've done if I spotted them. Maybe snap a picture!

So I did this Friday night. Fun date night. We live an exciting life.  If you see anything unhealthy in that cart, it's not the pizza.

After our fun date, my brother & his girlfriend stopped by to give me this:
He knew how cra cra I've been about the new little royal baby so he got me this great mug from London!  I'll be enjoying my afternoon tea out of that bad boy for sure!

Saturday we headed to a pool party at our friend's house. I made bought these yummy goodies.

Yeah, I don't bake. I mean I've baked in the past & actually I used to bake all the time when I lived back home with the parents. But I just don't do it anymore mainly because if I bake it, that means I'll have to eat it. And I try to keep my diet 90% healthy. The 10% is the strategically measured bag of M&M's I inhale on the weekend & light beer. So when we get invited to fun gatherings where we have to bring a dish...I'm the one who will buy rather than bake.

Sunday was meant to be a productive day of cleaning & working out but I apparently had too much fun at the pool party so this is what the Ferg & I did.
We managed to get some cleaning done (very little) & laundry but in no way did yoga or that treadmill fit into my schedule of napping on & off all day.  I count the moving back & forth between the living room & the bedroom as exercise & we did a lot of that.