Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Tuesday!  Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend.

Friday started out great since I got to drive Husband's mustang.  However I walked out to the car at the end of the day to find a flat tire! Just my luck this would happen when I drive the car.  Good thing I work for a tire company & have 2 awesome bosses who changed it for me in 105 degree heat.  I finally made it home after driving like a grandma on a spare tire & headed out with Husband for our date night at Kroger!

Saturday started with an awesome workout.  I did an hour of yoga, kickboxing, plyo & core work.  Then I was off to my hair appointment for some color & a fresh cut. We had plans with our group of friends to go out to Denton for the night.  We ended up at Oak Street Draft House for drinks.  It's an old house that was turned into a bar with a huge variety of beers.  They have a gigantic patio outside & that's where we all ended up.  It's close to a pizza place called Mellow Mushroom so we ordered a bunch of pizzas from there.  It was really hot but we did all have a great time.   Good food, good beer & good friends!

Husband had to work on Sunday so we didn't stay out late Saturday.  It was a good thing because I had so many chores to do around the house.  I got started around 9.  I cleaned the house, did laundry, got all my food ready for the week & cleaned out my closets.  I thought I was going to have a huge amount of winter clothes to get rid of but I must have done that earlier this year & forgotten.  I only had a few things to toss but it made me find some clothes I forgot I had!  Love when that happens.  Later in the day I did my 40 minute yoga routine & planned to get on the treadmill for a run afterwards but I opted to do the P90X yoga instead.  It's a 90 minute workout & I thought I'd give it a try and get in a least 1/2 of it but ended up doing the whole thing!  So after over 2 hours of yoga, my body was dead & turned into jello.

I was supposed to hang out at the pool on Monday with my parents but the rain changed my plans.  My mom & I ended up going to Sprouts to grab some lunch & then we watched Sex in the City.  We have watched this movie over & over & still love it as much as the first time.  I didn't stay long & still had a few things to do at home & I wanted to get back to Fergie.  The storms freaked her out that morning so she was beyond excited to see me.

The weekend went by way too fast & it's back to work!  At least it's only a 4 day week.