Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday I Wish You Were Friday

I realized that I haven't been giving my readers the details on where I get all my snazzy jewelry! I want to formally apologize to everyone & assure you I will keep up with this. Because I know all my 10 viewers are dying over my cute accessory posts & are sitting on pins & needles waiting to find out where to purchase everything.

Here's what I wore yesterday:

The green bracelets are from Old Navy that I got on a whim back in spring so it's doubtful they'd still be in stock. And the pyramid bracelet is OBVIOUSLY from Baublebar. I wear that sucker all the time. My Marc Jacobs watch from Tuesday is from Gilt & the shiny silver bracelet is from Express.

Now that you all can breath again...lets get into the O.C. Reunion Part 3.

Brianna popped up so of course the topic of the finale Winter Wonderland party came up (you know the one where her husband Ryan became an official douche bag). Brianna made it perfectly clear to Lydia & Andy that she didn't want to talk about it while Ryan is in Iraq. She says he was protecting Vicki's couch. Lets just leave it at that.
Don't you dare talk about my husband!
I really don't remember anything else from this reunion because once Brooks came out, all hell broke loose. Ryan, you may actually lose your douche title to this guy. WTF! I don't know what bothered me more, the fact that there's a recording of him telling Ryan to smack his wife around to get her in check (i can totally see Brooks being guilty of this one) or the fact that GRETCHEN is all "yeah Vicki, if you love him stay with him, don't listen to EVERYONE who says you should ditch the douche"! Come on G, you can't compare your situation with Slade to Brooks. I am beyond flabbergasted that Vicki didn't say BA BYE to Brooks the 2nd the recording reference came up. So instead, Brooks took the lead & skedaddled out of there saying he loves Vicki enough to let her go. Thank goodness! Please never grace us with your presence ever again.

After that Vicki spasses out & claims she's done with the show (yeah right) & everyone is comforting her (minus Gretchen).

Then they say their goodbyes & toast with champs. And scene, reunion is over.
Champs for everyone!