Monday, August 19, 2013

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

It's Monday again! The weekend went by too fast as it always does. I did get my new yoga mat & that was pretty exciting. I'll do a short review of that later in the week. Husband & I hung out with our friends next door Saturday night. Fergie always gets to tag along because she loves the 3 cats they have. I should've snapped some pictures but wasn't thinking about it. It's fun to watch them all play. She thinks they're dogs & they think she is another cat. Husband didn't last long but I ended up staying up to watch almost 3 movies! We were on a National Lampoon kick so we watched the 1st Vacation, Xmas Vacation & got 1/2 way through Eurpoean Vacation. Fun times! On to my movie review...

Movie:  Olympus Has Fallen

Main Stars:  Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Dylan McDermott

My Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is an ex-guard for the President (Aaron Eckhart).  At the beginning of the movie, he ends up making a decision to save the President & letting the First Lady die after a terrible car crash on a bridge during a snow storm.  Jump forward 18 months & he's now working in the Treasury Department.  During an attack on the White House, the President gets captured in his secure bunker & the killing spree begins.  Mike ends up inside & very alone after all his ex co-workers get killed during the raid.  He contacts the national security & works with Speaker Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) who has now taken over as acting President. The goal is to save the President's son & then save him. Lots of fighting & guns & blowing things up...after only about 5 minutes into the movie, the action begins & it really didn't stop the whole time.  I was never bored & didn't even want to blink so I couldn't miss anything.  The CGI got a tiny bit cheesy at times but other than that I loved it.  I like all the cast individually & they worked so well together in the movie.  If you enjoy non-stop intense action, watch the movie!

Have a great Monday!