Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Movie Review with some Reality

Movie: The Host

Main Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, Max Irons, Jake Abel

My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

I'm only a few chapters into the book & wanted to finish it before watching the movie but just couldn't get it done. I'm not a reading fanatic like I used to be & having a real job keeps me from leisurely reading as much as I did about a year ago. So the movie arrived & I was stoked because it's another Stephanie Meyer flick (think Twilight). I knew Husband wouldn't be interested so I cozied up on the couch with the Ferg & started the movie. About 5 minutes in, it was a debbie downer. Very slow & not an easy follow. Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) is captured by Lacy the Seeker (Diane Kruger) in the very beginning. Right away I can tell there will be tons of flashbacks (those always confuse me). The Seeker is part of a huge cult like society that captures humans, removes their soles & uses the body to store a creature. Melanie was part of the few humans that remained on earth. She tried to kill herself as all humans did to keep from being used as a host. In Melanie's case, her soul didn't leave her body so all through out the movie, she is talking in the head of her host...or her alien...so confusing. This is where it got a little silly. Before being captured she was keeping her brother & boy toy Jared (Max Irons...yum) safe & ends up meeting back up with them after escaping from her cult city. Of course every human hates her because they know she is now a dreadful host. They're resistent first but soon realize Melanie is still alive inside. Melanie is torn because her inside alien starts falling for Ian (Jake Abel) & he's the only one who treated her kindly in the beginning. So there are scenes when she's kissing both loves at different times & Melanie's voice is talking but then her alien form takes over...I mean I couldn't keep up with who was doing what. I don't think the poor guys could keep up either. It didn't get interesting until crazy ass Lacy comes hunting for Melanie. This is already towards the end & SPOILER ALERT...Lacy gets captured by the humans, her weird alien thing is removed & Lacy is saved, thanking everyone around her. Melanie's alien then decides to be the savior & wants them to remove her from the host body & kill her. They end up removing her & putting her in another body to keep her alive (Ian is happy now) & Melanie is back (yay for Jared). I'm going to keep reading the book. Usually if I don't care for the movie, I'll enjoy the book & I do like it so far. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Quick reality comments...

NJ Housewives: Jac & Tre decided to put the past behind them & move on. The ladies will be civil with each other since they're usually at the same social & family gatherings. All is good. G to the ia is only 12 but pounds on the makeup (I'm sure she learned it from her mother) to go ride Go-Karts & eat hot dogs for her birthday with Dear Joe. They talk about how stupid all the fighting between the siblings is & how it's hurting the family. Greg is moving to San Fran! Boo! He's so cute & hilarious so I'm sad to see him & Delores go but I'm sure he'll shine in his new city.

Below Deck: Captain is a jerk...no surprise there but he is the boss so the crew needs to man up & just deal with it. Kat is a true houchie momma & shows off this trait during the whole episode. I already didn't care for her but now I can't stand her & I'm tired of all her random accents & drama.

Total Divas: I love that Brie is willing to move to Phoenix so that she can have her cutie pie pup live with her. I don't know how she went this long without her! Trinity & Jon have a huge fight because Trinity isn't ready to walk down the isle & won't even wear her bling to show the world she's engaged. Meanwhile, Nikki is P.I.S.S.E.D that her sis is moving for a dog & lets her inner child out, throws a fit & tells Brie & Bryan she hates them! Jo Jo gets her head bashed, young looking jealous boyfriend comes & wants her to quit WWE & be with him 24-7...don't worry, in the end she realizes at a WWE event that she is MADE for this industry so bye bye boyfriend. Jon ends up telling Nikki what a brat she's being & to grow up...she ends up apologizing to Brie & Bryan & helps her pack by bringing over a box. Trinity & Jo have it out in a match & then end up realizing how much they love each other. Nothing interesting happened with Eva Marie. All is well in the WWE.

Tomorrow is all about the O.C. & Miami Housewives!!