Thursday, August 22, 2013

It Was Just One of Those Days

Yesterday was just one of those days I guess...nothing felt good enough to me. It was hot & humid out & even though my hair wasn't super frizzed was just annoying me all day. Side note: I've discovered a new way to use the Chi straightener & it seems like my waves/curls last all day rather than when I use the curling iron. So it held but it was just annoying me & I don't have an exact reason why. It could be because I was hot all day. I HATE being I hate it with a passion & it turns me into a miserable grumpy B. Being overly hot & sweating is only acceptable if I'm in a bikini at the pool/beach or working out. I try to dress in layers at work because I never know what the temperature will be. Some days it's humid as hell & no one wants the air below 78. That's kind of what it felt like yesterday. And then some days it's down to 68 & I freeze to the point that my bones are hurting (it's possible). I totally got off subject but I think that set me off the minute I got into the office. Then my co-worker wanted to go run errands at lunch & I'm in capri jeans & a long sleeved cardigan while out & about in 100+ degree weather. All I have on underneath is a tank top & I don't want to take my cardi off because I'm wearing my comfy jeans that DO NOT flatter my rear end & my sweater covers it...aaahh! You see, just one of those days.

Baublebar bracelet
Love my sparkly Toms!
But on a good note, I wore some cute jewels & shoes.

Both my necklace (not pictured) & bracelet are from Baublebar, I had on a pink sweater to match my polish & my sparkly Toms. I know you probably think "um silver Toms with gold lined jewels" well I also had on some shiny silver bracelets on my right hand that tied it all together but didn't get in the picture. I'm trying to wear golds & silvers together & I swear other people with more fashion sense than me do it to.

Exciting news...I registered Husband & I for the Denton Humane Society Tails n' Trails 5K in October!! I had mentioned in my blog a few weeks back I might try for the 10K but I changed my mind. With the way summer is going...and going...and freaking going, I don't know when I'll be able to start running outside to train for long distance running again. It's looking like it will be closer to October & that would only give me a little over 2 weeks to prep for the 10K & I can't work under that kind of pressure. Instead, I'll enjoy my 5K and I'll just be on the prowl for a 10K at a later date towards winter.