Wednesday, August 7, 2013

O.C. Finale

Before I get into the juiciness of the O.C. Housewives Finale...I just have to share this picture. This is what happens in the Eaton house when a certain DIVA doesn't get the attention she wants. And this happens right in front of me as I'm watching! Precious!

Where to start! There was so much squawking & drama & Malibu Country talk it was all a crazy mess of a night!

The Dress - Hmm…Vicki…Vicki…please never wear that horrid thing again. Hasn’t anyone ever told her not to wear anything that will accentuate your flaws?! And how old is she? Pretty sure I’m younger than her & even I wouldn’t be caught dead in that schmock. I’m not one to judge (well actually I am) but this was a big fashion faux paux for the finale. In true Vicki fashion, I bet she “leaked” a little when she saw herself in the end during picture time.

Ryan aka THE DOUCHE - Lydia thinks Slade is #1 douche…how about a new contender for this title. How awful was he to Lydia’s poor pot smoking momma? Totally unnecessary. She’s old & probably just finished smoking a doobie & needed a breather. Even that couldn’t cause a sane person to freak out & start dropping F-bombs like he did. And sorry Ryan, it isn’t your casa. It’s Vicki’s. I can understand why he took on the role as “man” of the house but I think he might need to get off his high horse. And Brianna…WTF! Show some class. I know she has to stand by her hubs but part of that means being able to tell him he’s being a jack ass.

The Show Is Over – I can’t take anymore chatter about Malibu Country (at least until the 3 part Reunion). Who cares about the show, it got axed! Heather needs to stop being so condescending when she talks to people. If I were Gretchen I would have slapped Heather’s botoxed face (yeah I said it)! Why is it any of Heather’s biz anyway if G was offered a part, guest role or whatever the hell you want to call it? Get over it!

$1000 Scarf - I may have vomited a little when Tamara apologized to Jim & Alexis for acting a fool the past few seasons. Yes, she is all about love & forgiveness this season if you didn’t know. She probably inhaled fairy dust from Lydia’s mom (or possibly some pot). Jim used to be a total d-bag & deserved the attitude & nasty comments from Tamara. I’m happy Alexis has learned to step up to her man & not take his bossiness anymore but she has to at least recognize how he acted. And in case she forgot, he reminded her when she was using his overpriced scarf to clean her mascara stained cheeks.

Gretchen vs. EVERYONE – I do think G brings on a lot of the confrontation herself. But, so do all the ladies when it comes down to it. I’m not the biggest fan of Slade but these women have butchered him with accusations & comments since way back when he & G became an item. One can only take so much. It’s not a surprise to me that he's lashed back at some of them. And by some of them, it’s really only Vicki but somehow she's spread her hatred for him on the other ladies. Little things have been said here & there during the tapings from Slade but I feel like only Vicki has a right to really dislike him. That should be a fight one on one & not involve anyone else. I think Vicki can totally talk the talk but runs to her cluster of friends when Slade dishes it back to her. She should have pulled Slade aside, taken a bacon vodka shot & explained her feelings. But what's a Winter Wonderland Finale without some drama sprinkled on top!!

And my send offs to each lady:

Lydia – You do need to eat a cheeseburger because you are crazy skinny!

Alexis – Your acting sucks but your haircut was FAB this season!

Gretchen – Please stop injecting your lips, you’re starting to scare me.

Vicki – I think the O.G. of the O.C. needs to retire.

Tamara – I’m excited for your new show only because I think it will give me fantastic material to blog about.

Heather – I know you & Terry are building a new fortress but try not to make that the only topic of conversation next season. And never mention MALIBU COUNTRY ever again.