Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm Back!

Yeah yeah, so I took a bit of a hiatus. I wrote one blog & thought surely I’d get addicted. No such luck so I’m trying it again. Even though I plan for my blog to be about more than races…here are some that I’ve done that past 2 years. The race I blogged about last was in October 2011. It was the Tails n Trails race for the Denton Humane Society. I actually ran it in 2012 & will again this year & I can’t wait. I plan to try for the 10K. I've only run 5K races in the past but my long distance running workouts have been 6 miles. Anyone who knows me isn’t surprised that I prefer to run races that benefit animals. Do I like animals better than people…what! Well maybe. I adopted my Fergie from a shelter & it was the best decision ever. So any chance to bring awareness for animals in need, I’m there! If you’re interested check it out here for 2013. There are a ton of vendors to walk around & see & don’t forget about all the dogs that show up. Many of them are in costume which is too cute for words. Another race I did was the Dirty Girl Run. Can’t say I’d ever do another mud run again however it was fun. Obstacles & lots of mud on a rather unexpected cold weather day made it difficult but I did it with some great friends & ended up having fun. I’m not much of a dirty girl so it was a onetime race for me. I did the Color Run that was at Fair Park in Dallas. It was fun but I wasn’t crazy about the colored powder being thrown into my face at certain points throughout the race. It made it a little difficult to breathe but again, great vendors & fun afterwards. I also ran in the Electric Run again at Fair Park in Dallas. This was a race at night filled with amazing neon lights & exhibits everywhere. It was so much fun and had a huge dance party afterwards. Some of the costumes were outrageous & way more creative than I could have imagined. The most recent race was for the Flower Mound Humane Society. This is the shelter that gave me my precious baby. It was a great run & a great day. Any day that I’m surrounded by dogs makes it heaven for me. I prefer any race where proceeds are going to help the animals. I’m just that way! I feel like they don’t have a voice so they need our help & I’m happy to give it. And I love obstacle courses. Not only are they fun but I think of races as my workout for the day so adding in those bursts of difficulty is fantastic! What kind of races do you like? Obstacles? Mud runs? Or will you participate in any race for animals because you psycho obsessed crazy about them like me??