Friday, August 16, 2013

3 Things Friday

What day is it?? Fun Friday already! This week has flown by! Friday mornings make me smile because it's my 1 day off from working out. Don't get me wrong, I hate missing workouts but since it's a scheduled day & it's FRIDAY...for some reason I can deal with that. Normally if I skip a workout I feel pretty much like a dog turd all day because I'm just weird like that. On to 3 things...

Pinterest - I've found you again sweet Pinterest! I used to be a psycho pinner when I first discovered Pinterest. I think everyone is, it's so addictive at first. Then my obsession passion died down but it's back in full swing. I'm getting inspired for the cooler weather & momma needs a new Fall wardrobe. Last year I discovered jeggings & tall boots (flat & heels)...I know, I'm so fashion late. This year I vow to incorporate these looks into my wardrobe.

And Pinterest is the BEST resource! I have oodles of Editor Pants from Express (my absolute fav pant to wear to work) that I need to go through & try on to make sure those bad boys still fit me. Then I'll probably throw out every piece of winter tops I own minus a few staples. That mostly includes old sweaters that don't fit well & worn cardigans...I need to branch out. I have a fresh new haircut & need to style it up with creative outfits this year. I'm inspired. You can check out all my boards here on Pinterest. I'm a pinning fool right now.

Yoga - I'm going to be a true Yogie soon I just know it! I've tried yoga a few times in the past & usually get bored with it, quit & never get to see the benefits in my body from consistently practicing. P90X has a yoga workout (P90X is my daily workout program) but it's 90 minutes! Aint nobody got time for that! Let's face it, I'm getting older & bones are hurting & sometimes I make creaking noises & it's not so easy to bounce off the couch anymore. So what better way to add some much needed stretching & flexibility into my workouts. This week I did a yoga routine on Sunday & Tuesday & maybe it's all in my head but I can tell a difference! And yoga is freaking HARD! I ached in some odd places that I didn't know could ache & lost enough sweat to equal the weight of a small child.

Bethenny Frankel has a great yoga workout called Body By Bethenny that can be used for a daily routine and/or beginner yogie. I can't imagine the workout ever becoming easy. I also love that it's 40 minutes so it's a perfect addition to my Tuesday morning ab workout. I've also got my eye on a DVD & it's sitting in my Amazon checkout cart that I'll be getting soon. It's gotten rave reviews & is more of an intense & cardiovascular routine. It's about 70 minutes & will be superb before my Sunday runs. I was so stretched out last week that my run was smoother & I was able to push myself harder.

Added bonus**I ordered a spiffy yoga mat I'm pumped to try out. I got it off of Amazon of course (this is my special go to website for all things great). It's extra long, extra thick & it's great for peeps who sweat a lot during yoga because it has a non-slip surface. So you can really get your balance on without being on a slip & slide & your feet & hands just sink into the mat. I'm so excited to use it I might do yoga on Saturday AND Sunday!

New Jewels from Baublebar- I'm totally going for it! I have a $10 coupon + I've loaded up my vault points so I'm totally getting a new piece of glitz. I just haven't decided on which one. It's a big decision for a girl like me to make. Should I get something that I can still wear in the Summer because it feels like it may never end. Or should I opt for a new Fall piece. I've narrowed it down to this, or of course this, and this!  I love all 3 so I'm giving myself until Sunday to decide.

I'll snap a pic modeling it for everyone once I've chosen!

Have a fabulous weekend! I don't expect mine to be very eventful however that's fine by me. It always includes adult beverages, movie night & snuggle time with the Ferg. Whoa, I just got emotional thinking about her.