Friday, August 30, 2013

3 Things Friday

Another Friday & it's even better because it's a 3-day weekend! (Except for Husband, boo). I'm stoked for some relaxation, time with friends & family & definitely happy to lounge in a nice cold pool on Monday.

Here's an adorable picture of the baby to get the weekend off right!  She was so over me taking a picture of her & kept covering here eyes at the flash.

Ok so I'm so tired of hearing about this Miley crap but I must say...what is the big deal?!  Don't get me wrong, watching her twerk & hump Robin Thicke made me vomit in my mouth a little & want to stab my eyeballs...BUT why is everyone so upset with MTV.  And shocked.  I don't get it.  People, we're talking about the MTV awards show. Hear that...MTV. This isn't the Grammy's or the Tony Awards ok. MTV.  Their award shows are known for outrageous & provocative performances. What in the world did you expect? Crazy $hit happens every single year at these shows.  Miley isn't the Disney princess she was once was during her Hannah Montana days.  Sorry but get over it because she does this crap for attention & everyone is certainly giving it to her.

Phew...I feel glad I got that off my chest. Know what else I'm glad about...these!

Yes, I talked about a coupon & some points I had for Baublebar a few posts ago & was deciding on which piece to purchase. Well I ended up purchasing 2! The bracelet is kind of hard to see but it's a black gem followed by a tortoise gem...LOVE IT!

I've saved the best for last...FERGIE HAD HER BABY!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I gave birth or something I'm so excited! Thank you E! for letting me know via phone notification! Fergie & Josh named their son Axl Jack & it's adorbs. Even if I didn't like the name before I would totally love it now because I love all things Fergie. He weighed 7lbs 10oz & I can't wait to see pictures. Whichever parent he favors in looks he's going to be one hot baby. I can see Josh being the ultimate dad & we all know Fergie is wonderful at everything she does so motherhood should be no different.  Congrats Duhamel Family!  I'll babysit anytime!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday I Wish You Were Friday

I realized that I haven't been giving my readers the details on where I get all my snazzy jewelry! I want to formally apologize to everyone & assure you I will keep up with this. Because I know all my 10 viewers are dying over my cute accessory posts & are sitting on pins & needles waiting to find out where to purchase everything.

Here's what I wore yesterday:

The green bracelets are from Old Navy that I got on a whim back in spring so it's doubtful they'd still be in stock. And the pyramid bracelet is OBVIOUSLY from Baublebar. I wear that sucker all the time. My Marc Jacobs watch from Tuesday is from Gilt & the shiny silver bracelet is from Express.

Now that you all can breath again...lets get into the O.C. Reunion Part 3.

Brianna popped up so of course the topic of the finale Winter Wonderland party came up (you know the one where her husband Ryan became an official douche bag). Brianna made it perfectly clear to Lydia & Andy that she didn't want to talk about it while Ryan is in Iraq. She says he was protecting Vicki's couch. Lets just leave it at that.
Don't you dare talk about my husband!
I really don't remember anything else from this reunion because once Brooks came out, all hell broke loose. Ryan, you may actually lose your douche title to this guy. WTF! I don't know what bothered me more, the fact that there's a recording of him telling Ryan to smack his wife around to get her in check (i can totally see Brooks being guilty of this one) or the fact that GRETCHEN is all "yeah Vicki, if you love him stay with him, don't listen to EVERYONE who says you should ditch the douche"! Come on G, you can't compare your situation with Slade to Brooks. I am beyond flabbergasted that Vicki didn't say BA BYE to Brooks the 2nd the recording reference came up. So instead, Brooks took the lead & skedaddled out of there saying he loves Vicki enough to let her go. Thank goodness! Please never grace us with your presence ever again.

After that Vicki spasses out & claims she's done with the show (yeah right) & everyone is comforting her (minus Gretchen).

Then they say their goodbyes & toast with champs. And scene, reunion is over.
Champs for everyone!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 1 Vegetarian, CHECK

Soooo...I recently decided I want to follow a vegan diet. I know I know, it's craziness but I've heard fabulous reviews about going vegan & how it changes your health in extreme positive ways. I have legit reasons that I won't bore you with but mainly, I'd rather smother an animal with my kisses than eat one.

I've tried going vegan once in my past & it was dreadful. Too many drastic changes at once isn't good for a girl.

This time however, I'm using my noggin & transitioning to a vegan diet by replacing 1 or 2 items with a vegan option every week. I've been doing my research & there's a vegan option for almost everything!

Week 1 was removing all meat/poultry from my diet. That was friggin easy because it included 2 slices of turkey bacon in the a.m. & chicken for lunch & dinner. Well the chicken was a bit difficult but those were the only non-vegetarian staples I was consuming. CHECK! Made it through with flying colors. Eliminated the TB & replaced chicken with tofu. I have salads for lunch & dinner & grilled tofu is yummy in salads no matter what anyone says.

Last week I chopped up the tofu & baked it in the oven for about 30 minutes. It was ok like "well I spent time making it so I'm gonna eat the stuff" ok. This week I still chopped but cooked on the stove top in a big pan & used the yummy dressing below to cook it in. Much better! Gives the tofu more of a grilled flavor & texture. It's all about trial & error.

This week starts the process of slowly removing the dairy.

Bye Bye Bye Eggs & Cream Cheese. I quit my bagel, cheese & eggs that I usually eat for breakfast & swapped them out for steel cut oats. Easy as pie because I absolutely love these oats. They're smaller & chewier than regular oats & they're better for you. Loaded with fiber & protein, they really fill you up & make for a great breakfast choice. Bob's Red Mill has a great steel cut oat that I use a lot. But normally I get mine from the bulk section at Kroger when available.

Now don't judge but this is what I put into my oats:

1 TBSP turbinado
dashes & dashes of cinnamon
1 TBSP of Better n' Peanut Butter

It's deliciousness in a bowl. The peanut butter is not like real peanut butter. 1/2 the calories, fat & sodium & the flavor is way strong so you don't need much. Kind of nutty but's one of those things you have to try for yourself to understand. Since steel cut oats are not instant & take a while to make, I cook a HUGE batch on Sunday & measure 3/4 cup into containers. Makes it super quick in the morning to get ready. I dump into the bowl, heat in the micro for a few minutes, stir in the goodness above & done! Turns out like this:

Next...Mini Babybel Cheese...oh so sad to see you go! Yes I love those little suckers & sadly weeped goodbye. I ate them as part of my afternoon snack paired with a 1/4 cup mixture of peanuts, almonds & soy nuts. I replaced with grapes. Grapes are filling to me for some reason & paired with the mixed nuts makes for a healthy & filling snack to tide me over until din din.

I'll keep the blog updated with my progress.  Hopefully it will go smoothly!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bright Colors & New Jersey

School is definitely back in session...womp womp. I haven't been that frustrated driving to work in a long time. Everyone seems so afraid of getting a ticket in a school zone they'd rather play it safe by driving 10 mph instead of 20 mph! So annoying.

On a lighter note, look at all these great scarves! I have about 50 more on my Pinterest board but these are some of my favorites.

And some color for the week! This color is great, it's kind of a mix of pink & orange & I feel like it blends with a lot of colors & patterns that I wear. Today is striped black & white top & white capri jeans so my nails & toes are popping.
I like these bright colors also.

NJ Housewives: Teresa decided to put on a bikini show for her daughters.  Gia didn't like the sparkly one because it didn't provide enough coverage.

Teresa had to get a quick workout in before revealing her bikini body.

A cute little baby bat decided to pay a visit & everyone freaked out!

The psychic came and everyone thought she was a croc.  Then she started going deep and the guys were crying as much as the girls.

Everyone went on a hike in the beautiful mountains except Melissa.  She was really sick & decided to stay back & sunbathe rest & drink her water.  Everyone else got to share feelings & try to forget the past (yeah right).

 Overall it was a fairly tame episode. We'll see next week if it stays that way!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Hello came way too fast.

So I'm driving to work Friday morning & what do I see prancing across the street in front of me...coyotes!  Now, I've had lasik not once, but TWICE & can see 20/20 so yes, they were for sure coyotes. Even the dude in the truck driving towards me slowed down to see! They ran into a thicket that is right by Wiggley Field Dog Park in Denton so that was a little disturbing. It was also disturbing that I drove off the side of the road trying to find them...I don't know what I would've done if I spotted them. Maybe snap a picture!

So I did this Friday night. Fun date night. We live an exciting life.  If you see anything unhealthy in that cart, it's not the pizza.

After our fun date, my brother & his girlfriend stopped by to give me this:
He knew how cra cra I've been about the new little royal baby so he got me this great mug from London!  I'll be enjoying my afternoon tea out of that bad boy for sure!

Saturday we headed to a pool party at our friend's house. I made bought these yummy goodies.

Yeah, I don't bake. I mean I've baked in the past & actually I used to bake all the time when I lived back home with the parents. But I just don't do it anymore mainly because if I bake it, that means I'll have to eat it. And I try to keep my diet 90% healthy. The 10% is the strategically measured bag of M&M's I inhale on the weekend & light beer. So when we get invited to fun gatherings where we have to bring a dish...I'm the one who will buy rather than bake.

Sunday was meant to be a productive day of cleaning & working out but I apparently had too much fun at the pool party so this is what the Ferg & I did.
We managed to get some cleaning done (very little) & laundry but in no way did yoga or that treadmill fit into my schedule of napping on & off all day.  I count the moving back & forth between the living room & the bedroom as exercise & we did a lot of that.

Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Things...or Maybe 12

SSHHOOEESS!  Oh I love shoes!  I've decided I'm going to take advantage of my upcoming 3 day weekend for Labor Day & clean out my fall & winter closet...and possibly my spring & summer.  I have a few good pairs of tall & flat boots for the chilly season & then I have some that need to make their way to the goodwill donation box.  I also need some cute flats to wear with skinny jeans & then some snazzy new can see I have a list and it gets longer EVERY time I'm pinning on Pinterest.  So here's a super Fergilicious collage that I put together.  It's obvious that I can't afford the oober adorable Chanel flats but you get the idea of the styles & varieties I'll be looking for.  Do any of these represent your shoe fetish?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It Was Just One of Those Days

Yesterday was just one of those days I guess...nothing felt good enough to me. It was hot & humid out & even though my hair wasn't super frizzed was just annoying me all day. Side note: I've discovered a new way to use the Chi straightener & it seems like my waves/curls last all day rather than when I use the curling iron. So it held but it was just annoying me & I don't have an exact reason why. It could be because I was hot all day. I HATE being I hate it with a passion & it turns me into a miserable grumpy B. Being overly hot & sweating is only acceptable if I'm in a bikini at the pool/beach or working out. I try to dress in layers at work because I never know what the temperature will be. Some days it's humid as hell & no one wants the air below 78. That's kind of what it felt like yesterday. And then some days it's down to 68 & I freeze to the point that my bones are hurting (it's possible). I totally got off subject but I think that set me off the minute I got into the office. Then my co-worker wanted to go run errands at lunch & I'm in capri jeans & a long sleeved cardigan while out & about in 100+ degree weather. All I have on underneath is a tank top & I don't want to take my cardi off because I'm wearing my comfy jeans that DO NOT flatter my rear end & my sweater covers it...aaahh! You see, just one of those days.

Baublebar bracelet
Love my sparkly Toms!
But on a good note, I wore some cute jewels & shoes.

Both my necklace (not pictured) & bracelet are from Baublebar, I had on a pink sweater to match my polish & my sparkly Toms. I know you probably think "um silver Toms with gold lined jewels" well I also had on some shiny silver bracelets on my right hand that tied it all together but didn't get in the picture. I'm trying to wear golds & silvers together & I swear other people with more fashion sense than me do it to.

Exciting news...I registered Husband & I for the Denton Humane Society Tails n' Trails 5K in October!! I had mentioned in my blog a few weeks back I might try for the 10K but I changed my mind. With the way summer is going...and going...and freaking going, I don't know when I'll be able to start running outside to train for long distance running again. It's looking like it will be closer to October & that would only give me a little over 2 weeks to prep for the 10K & I can't work under that kind of pressure. Instead, I'll enjoy my 5K and I'll just be on the prowl for a 10K at a later date towards winter.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pre-nups, New Closets & Fake Engagements...Oh My!

She has a mini work station!

Closet # 25 probably
Alexia's Closet: Holy moly I LOVE her new closet! It's more like a room just for her clothes, jewels, shoes & accessories. It's actually not over the top or flashy, it's just perfectly awesome. Here are some pics from a video I took with my phone because I can't find any pictures of it anywhere online. There's a video on Bravo's website of her giving a house tour & she shows us her fabulous closet. Everywhere she turns there are mini closets categorized by type of clothing! She even has a closet just for workout clothes & shoes...that was my favorite! I like how it's just off her bedroom & flows into her bathroom. It's open & has natural sunlight from all the windows. I love a closet with windows.

The Lea Meeting: What was the point of this meeting? They didn't accomplish anything & then Adriana ends up in the rain...where did her umbrella go!? And her car broke down in the rain & she took a cab to Lea''s like they live in another world.

Pre-nup: I'm not sure about this one. I can understand why Romain wants a Pre-nup but do they go both ways? I'm thinking Joanna makes some bank all on her own & wants to protect that as well. They seem like an off again/on again couple as it is (I mean they broke up & got back together almost every episode last season) so maybe this is a good safety net. And hey Lisa signed one...did she have anything to protect before marrying money bags Lenny?

Random...lets go for a jog in Florida wearing 10 lbs of workout gear...ok I'm exaggerating but as a former Floridian, I don't think I'd ever wear as much clothing as Marysol & Alexia did for their walk run. Or the accessories...or makeup...etc.

Where did Ana go?

O.C. Reunion Part 2: Geeze Alexis really stayed under the radar this season & so far at the reunion. I thought for sure Gretchen & her would be hashing it out by now but not much happened between them. The whole "bullying" topic was popular again. Andy read some comments from fans claiming Alexis enjoys playing victim. I personally don't think she was bullied by the ladies. I think they spoke their opinions of her last season in Costa Rica & she didn't care too much for what they had to say. So instead of realizing that she has flaws & might want to work on those flaws, she indeed did play victim. But hey AGAIN that was last season so why bring it up at the reunion?? I don't know & I don't care. Alexis was pretty chill this season & I actually enjoyed watching her.

Tamara becomes BFF with G for about 2 minutes
Poor G: This girl can't catch a break...the cast once again throws some daggers at poor G & claims her proposal to Slade was fake & left them feeling empty inside after watching it. They also questioned whether Slade & G got paid for it. I'll admit, it was pretty cheesy but they are kind of a cheesy couple right? Not in a negative way of course. Andy assures his ladies that it wasn't set up & no one got money to get engaged. Anyway, wasn't the whole proposal of Eddie & Tamara filmed & if you ask me, that crap was paid for. I would be extremely surprised to find out Eddie & Tamara paid for the Bora Bora vacation for the event. Whatev. G's tears start gushing (kind of, I didn't actually see tears but she was blotting her eyes) & Tamara rushes to her side (really?) & the ladies are sad because they didn't get to witness the engagement (after just calling it fake) & then G admits the hardest part was not having Alexis there...Alexis then goes into shock...she's confused.

LIAR: Yes yes Tamara lies, she lies to make everyone happy & avoid confrontation...what!? She all of a sudden doesn't like confrontation? Oh that's right, I forgot she had a life changing moment after her speech about becoming an independent woman (even though Eddie is footing the bill start up her new fitness company)...but who's paying attention to details. G read some nasty text messages between her & Tamara regarding Alexis but then Tamara admits she was just saying what she knew G wanted to hear to keep the peace. Hmm.

So that is the week for the last part of the reunion Brooks & Brianna are in attendence & they get fiesty. I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yoga Mats, Reality & a Splash of Color

My New Mat: I got home Friday after work & was stoked to see my giant yoga mat had arrived! I totally knew it would be there because I started tracking it immediately once it shipped! But I was still excited. It's huge! I can lay down on it & have plenty of room at my feet & hands. It's thick & my body just sinks into it. And it's sticky. I still wear socks when I practice yoga...I have abnormally sweaty feet when I am working out or doing anything strenous & yoga is that! But my socks still stick & I get great traction while doing the poses. During my yoga session on Sunday, I was able to focus more on my breathing and holding the poses correctly than worrying about slipping all over the place. If you're in need of a heavy duty mat check it out on Amazon here. It was only $25 and is worth it.  Ferg let me snap a pic after she finished her stretching.

NJ Housewives Recap: I'm assuming everyone has been hearing the latest on Teresa & Joe's legal woes...crazy. I feel bad for their girls but come on, how could you not know what was going on? I don't buy their BS & can't believe they pled not guilty. Bravo is about to start shooting the next season...will Tre be in orange??

So Sunday's episode...I love Rich & Kathy & how they interact with each other. It's obvious they still have so much love after all these years. I like when couples bicker like that, I think it's cute! But maybe now after telling Rich that she isn't in the whole test kitchen thing & she has her own idea, he'll back off a bit & let her do her thing. She just needs to find her way since she has a passion for desserts.

Melania original. I always believed Tre had something to do with all the crap that gets said about Melissa & she once again proved that correct at her new hair product launch party. Who is this Penny lady with the scary blonde hair piece? Tre didn't really prove to have Melissa's back. I think she just wanted her to show up so she could prove her innocence...& then prove it again...& then one more time after that. Luckily Joe Gorga wasn't blind all night & saw right through his sister's act.

I'm looking forward to this retreat everyone is going on. I'm sure the drama will follow as it always does when they go on vacation.

Color:  I'm digging my nail polish color for the week. I like to paint my nails every Sunday & it's always a different color. Sometimes I'll paint my toes either a shade darker or lighter just to add some flare. This week I chose the same color for nails & toes & added extra glitterness to my ring fingers.
I love this brand for many reasons:

  • comes in a variety of gorgeous colors
  • dries really fast & I use about 3 coats on each finger
  • inexpensive & I usually have a coupon
  • rarely chips or cracks
  • glides on oober smooth & doesn't leave those pesky bubbles
I look forward to the Fall & I can start wearing my blacks, browns & deep dark reds!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

It's Monday again! The weekend went by too fast as it always does. I did get my new yoga mat & that was pretty exciting. I'll do a short review of that later in the week. Husband & I hung out with our friends next door Saturday night. Fergie always gets to tag along because she loves the 3 cats they have. I should've snapped some pictures but wasn't thinking about it. It's fun to watch them all play. She thinks they're dogs & they think she is another cat. Husband didn't last long but I ended up staying up to watch almost 3 movies! We were on a National Lampoon kick so we watched the 1st Vacation, Xmas Vacation & got 1/2 way through Eurpoean Vacation. Fun times! On to my movie review...

Movie:  Olympus Has Fallen

Main Stars:  Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Dylan McDermott

My Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is an ex-guard for the President (Aaron Eckhart).  At the beginning of the movie, he ends up making a decision to save the President & letting the First Lady die after a terrible car crash on a bridge during a snow storm.  Jump forward 18 months & he's now working in the Treasury Department.  During an attack on the White House, the President gets captured in his secure bunker & the killing spree begins.  Mike ends up inside & very alone after all his ex co-workers get killed during the raid.  He contacts the national security & works with Speaker Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) who has now taken over as acting President. The goal is to save the President's son & then save him. Lots of fighting & guns & blowing things up...after only about 5 minutes into the movie, the action begins & it really didn't stop the whole time.  I was never bored & didn't even want to blink so I couldn't miss anything.  The CGI got a tiny bit cheesy at times but other than that I loved it.  I like all the cast individually & they worked so well together in the movie.  If you enjoy non-stop intense action, watch the movie!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, August 16, 2013

3 Things Friday

What day is it?? Fun Friday already! This week has flown by! Friday mornings make me smile because it's my 1 day off from working out. Don't get me wrong, I hate missing workouts but since it's a scheduled day & it's FRIDAY...for some reason I can deal with that. Normally if I skip a workout I feel pretty much like a dog turd all day because I'm just weird like that. On to 3 things...

Pinterest - I've found you again sweet Pinterest! I used to be a psycho pinner when I first discovered Pinterest. I think everyone is, it's so addictive at first. Then my obsession passion died down but it's back in full swing. I'm getting inspired for the cooler weather & momma needs a new Fall wardrobe. Last year I discovered jeggings & tall boots (flat & heels)...I know, I'm so fashion late. This year I vow to incorporate these looks into my wardrobe.

And Pinterest is the BEST resource! I have oodles of Editor Pants from Express (my absolute fav pant to wear to work) that I need to go through & try on to make sure those bad boys still fit me. Then I'll probably throw out every piece of winter tops I own minus a few staples. That mostly includes old sweaters that don't fit well & worn cardigans...I need to branch out. I have a fresh new haircut & need to style it up with creative outfits this year. I'm inspired. You can check out all my boards here on Pinterest. I'm a pinning fool right now.

Yoga - I'm going to be a true Yogie soon I just know it! I've tried yoga a few times in the past & usually get bored with it, quit & never get to see the benefits in my body from consistently practicing. P90X has a yoga workout (P90X is my daily workout program) but it's 90 minutes! Aint nobody got time for that! Let's face it, I'm getting older & bones are hurting & sometimes I make creaking noises & it's not so easy to bounce off the couch anymore. So what better way to add some much needed stretching & flexibility into my workouts. This week I did a yoga routine on Sunday & Tuesday & maybe it's all in my head but I can tell a difference! And yoga is freaking HARD! I ached in some odd places that I didn't know could ache & lost enough sweat to equal the weight of a small child.

Bethenny Frankel has a great yoga workout called Body By Bethenny that can be used for a daily routine and/or beginner yogie. I can't imagine the workout ever becoming easy. I also love that it's 40 minutes so it's a perfect addition to my Tuesday morning ab workout. I've also got my eye on a DVD & it's sitting in my Amazon checkout cart that I'll be getting soon. It's gotten rave reviews & is more of an intense & cardiovascular routine. It's about 70 minutes & will be superb before my Sunday runs. I was so stretched out last week that my run was smoother & I was able to push myself harder.

Added bonus**I ordered a spiffy yoga mat I'm pumped to try out. I got it off of Amazon of course (this is my special go to website for all things great). It's extra long, extra thick & it's great for peeps who sweat a lot during yoga because it has a non-slip surface. So you can really get your balance on without being on a slip & slide & your feet & hands just sink into the mat. I'm so excited to use it I might do yoga on Saturday AND Sunday!

New Jewels from Baublebar- I'm totally going for it! I have a $10 coupon + I've loaded up my vault points so I'm totally getting a new piece of glitz. I just haven't decided on which one. It's a big decision for a girl like me to make. Should I get something that I can still wear in the Summer because it feels like it may never end. Or should I opt for a new Fall piece. I've narrowed it down to this, or of course this, and this!  I love all 3 so I'm giving myself until Sunday to decide.

I'll snap a pic modeling it for everyone once I've chosen!

Have a fabulous weekend! I don't expect mine to be very eventful however that's fine by me. It always includes adult beverages, movie night & snuggle time with the Ferg. Whoa, I just got emotional thinking about her.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birchbox Favs

Haven't heard of Birchbox? Whaaat?! Birchbox is a website you can subscribe to and every month for just $10 you get a fun pink box mailed to you with 5 sample sizes of great products. When you sign up you customize what product categories you're most interested in. I've gotten July & August so far & here are some of my fav items:

No. 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect: This spray is great especially if you have super tangly hair after a good wash like I do. It's a leave in conditioner & detangler. I use it every morning after rinsing my hair in the shower (I only wash my hair once a's not gross) & there's no build-up. It smells heavenly & is very light. It's also a heat & color protectant & provides UV protection. I think I replaced about 3 products I was using for this magic product. My hair is so soft & shiny after I blow dry it.

Model Co. Party Proof Lipstick in Dusk till Dawn: I'm not the type of girl that ever wears lipstick. I prefer glosses & chapsticks that have yummy flavors. But hey it came in my box so I tried it. L.O.V.E. it! Normally lipsticks have kind of a waxy smell & taste but this one is a fruity melon. I don't munch on it but I do lick my lips a lot and I've gotten a taste or two. It's very smooth & moisturizing and doesn't dry out my lips. It has a matte finish that I'm not used to but I still like it.

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion: I've only been using this product on my neck and chest. I have super sensitive skin so I'm quite picky about what touches my face. Since the neck & chest can sometimes get forgotten in your daily beauty regimen, I decided to start there. It's a very nice light moisturizer. I put it on before bed & it sinks in immediately & smells wonderful. If you have normal skin that can tolerate most products, this would be a winner for a daily moisturizer. It also has hyaluronic acid in it that is great for the skin.

Check out Birchbox & find more info & pricing for the products I've reviewed and also sign up for this bargain package! You won't regret it!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reunion in O.C. & then On To Miami


The O.C. vixens are back to hash it out in Part I (there are THREE!!).  I don't think I've ever felt so bad for Gretchen.  It was crap on G night for sure.  I'm hoping the heat will burn someone else next week.

Some age old gossip was brought up by Vicki & Tamara about G cheating on her late fiance Jeff. Who gives a rats a$$ if she cheated, if it wasn't in the last season it shouldn't be brought up! What business is it of theirs anyway!

Lydia & Heather surprisingly stay neutral & didn't really choose sides.  Then they start squawking at each other & Heather was about ready to pop a damn vein to get Lydia to shut up! Then Lydia called her Princess & Heather really didn't like that comment & used those arched eyebrows to let her know she wasn't happy.
Seriously don't call me Princess!
Alexis totally stayed under the radar however previews show her & G spatting at each other for next week.

Lori comes out & Vicki gets all psycho & starts flapping her arms. She's still heated about the rumor Lori spread of threesomes & cheating & watching movies in bed while naked (possibly).  Then Vicki shares the rumors she's heard of Lori cheating on her rich husband George. Come on you really think she'd cheat & risk losing the high class life she lives? Lori reminisces about her now drug-free son & his new baby & all is well...bye bye Lori.

Umm excuse me threesomes are dirty!
I feel like the majority of this episode was about G's suspected cheating scandals & nothing else! Oh yeah Tamara starts flashing some photos but conveniently too fast to tell what they are.  I'm guessing they are of G with Mystery Man but the camera never gets close enough.  I love how these women always sneak in paraphernalia & stuff it into the couch cushions & whip them out at just the right moment!
Look at my pictures you liar!
That's all the hoopla I can remember, can't wait for next week.


The premiere starts with Joanna bouncing off a private jet in sexy heals & hops into Lea's fancy car, air kisses & off to be dropped at an expensive car dealership where her statuesque fiance Romain is waiting with keys dangling from his man hands.  They speed off into the sunset in her new wheels.

Alexia, Anna, Lisa & Marysol are at a fashion show waiting for the fashionably late Adriana.  As Lisa & Anna are starting to battle, Adriana shows up & saves the day.  Attention is turned to her when Lisa confronts  her about the secret 5 year marriage to her french man (Fred-Frederick-whatever his name is).  She apparently planned to marry him after 5 minutes of dating, her son got upset & then Fred called off the wedding after they had already obtained a legal marriage license.  I guess she forgot about that.  This coincidentally seems to be 1/3 of the fuel for Adriana & Lea's lapse in friendship.  I think the majority of it is because Lea gave Adriana a ton of money thinking she was a single mom.  Opps!

Alexia's son Frankie was in a horrific accident last year & he was only in an episode or 2.  It was nice to see all the progress he's made.  He clearly doesn't have a filter as to what rolls off his tongue but it's pretty cute.  Her other son Peter is having problems dealing with Frankie's accident & has since had a hard time finding his way in life.

Lisa invites all the ladies to her house for drinks (never a good idea) & apps so Lea & Adriana can work on getting the friendship back up to par.  Lea bails so Joanna takes the lead & begins to fight with Adriana.  Voices are rising & then Marysol starts speaking another language & cries out that the beloved Elsa is in the hospital...I can think of some comments right now but I feel like that would be kicking her while she's everyone is grasping their hearts & feeling sad & realizes that there are awful things happening in the world so lets no fight over such silliness.  Everyone is friend's now.  Except for Lea.

Yay for 2 weddings this season! Adriana & Fred & Romain & Joanna

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Movie Review with some Reality

Movie: The Host

Main Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, Max Irons, Jake Abel

My Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

I'm only a few chapters into the book & wanted to finish it before watching the movie but just couldn't get it done. I'm not a reading fanatic like I used to be & having a real job keeps me from leisurely reading as much as I did about a year ago. So the movie arrived & I was stoked because it's another Stephanie Meyer flick (think Twilight). I knew Husband wouldn't be interested so I cozied up on the couch with the Ferg & started the movie. About 5 minutes in, it was a debbie downer. Very slow & not an easy follow. Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) is captured by Lacy the Seeker (Diane Kruger) in the very beginning. Right away I can tell there will be tons of flashbacks (those always confuse me). The Seeker is part of a huge cult like society that captures humans, removes their soles & uses the body to store a creature. Melanie was part of the few humans that remained on earth. She tried to kill herself as all humans did to keep from being used as a host. In Melanie's case, her soul didn't leave her body so all through out the movie, she is talking in the head of her host...or her confusing. This is where it got a little silly. Before being captured she was keeping her brother & boy toy Jared (Max Irons...yum) safe & ends up meeting back up with them after escaping from her cult city. Of course every human hates her because they know she is now a dreadful host. They're resistent first but soon realize Melanie is still alive inside. Melanie is torn because her inside alien starts falling for Ian (Jake Abel) & he's the only one who treated her kindly in the beginning. So there are scenes when she's kissing both loves at different times & Melanie's voice is talking but then her alien form takes over...I mean I couldn't keep up with who was doing what. I don't think the poor guys could keep up either. It didn't get interesting until crazy ass Lacy comes hunting for Melanie. This is already towards the end & SPOILER ALERT...Lacy gets captured by the humans, her weird alien thing is removed & Lacy is saved, thanking everyone around her. Melanie's alien then decides to be the savior & wants them to remove her from the host body & kill her. They end up removing her & putting her in another body to keep her alive (Ian is happy now) & Melanie is back (yay for Jared). I'm going to keep reading the book. Usually if I don't care for the movie, I'll enjoy the book & I do like it so far. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Quick reality comments...

NJ Housewives: Jac & Tre decided to put the past behind them & move on. The ladies will be civil with each other since they're usually at the same social & family gatherings. All is good. G to the ia is only 12 but pounds on the makeup (I'm sure she learned it from her mother) to go ride Go-Karts & eat hot dogs for her birthday with Dear Joe. They talk about how stupid all the fighting between the siblings is & how it's hurting the family. Greg is moving to San Fran! Boo! He's so cute & hilarious so I'm sad to see him & Delores go but I'm sure he'll shine in his new city.

Below Deck: Captain is a surprise there but he is the boss so the crew needs to man up & just deal with it. Kat is a true houchie momma & shows off this trait during the whole episode. I already didn't care for her but now I can't stand her & I'm tired of all her random accents & drama.

Total Divas: I love that Brie is willing to move to Phoenix so that she can have her cutie pie pup live with her. I don't know how she went this long without her! Trinity & Jon have a huge fight because Trinity isn't ready to walk down the isle & won't even wear her bling to show the world she's engaged. Meanwhile, Nikki is P.I.S.S.E.D that her sis is moving for a dog & lets her inner child out, throws a fit & tells Brie & Bryan she hates them! Jo Jo gets her head bashed, young looking jealous boyfriend comes & wants her to quit WWE & be with him 24-7...don't worry, in the end she realizes at a WWE event that she is MADE for this industry so bye bye boyfriend. Jon ends up telling Nikki what a brat she's being & to grow up...she ends up apologizing to Brie & Bryan & helps her pack by bringing over a box. Trinity & Jo have it out in a match & then end up realizing how much they love each other. Nothing interesting happened with Eva Marie. All is well in the WWE.

Tomorrow is all about the O.C. & Miami Housewives!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

I Met the Millers & Ate a Rusty Taco

Friday turned into a surprise date night with Husband.  We were hungry & decided to try a new place in Denton called Rusty Taco.  It took over this great noodle place I loved but was excited to try a new taco joint.  I checked out the menu & some reviews online & we headed out.  It's a super cute place with a laid back ambiance.  The tacos are pretty cheap at $2 or $2.50.  I ordered the black bean taco & fried fish taco.  Both were wonderful choices & so fresh. I was going to take a picture of Husband's tacos but he devoured them before I could snap one.  Here's mine, black bean taco on the left & fish taco on the right.  I didn't care for the pumpkin seeds on the black bean but only because of the texture.  It was a little too much crunch I think.  There was a yummy creamy sauce on the fish taco that made it perfect.  I think probably anything on the menu is great & will be venturing back here often.  The place has a cool patio outside that will be great once the weather cools down.  Fans blasting & misters were on to keep customers cool.  

After dinner we headed to the movies to see We're the Millers. I've been excited to see this movie because the previews looked hilarious. Jason Sudeikis & Jennifer Aniston are a great comedic pair & I thought Horrible Bosses was so funny & had a feeling this movie had the same vibe. It was definitely raunchy & filled with tons of F-bombs but hey, that's my kind of movie! David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a small town drug dealer & gets recruited without choice by Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) to smuggle into the U.S. a gigantic amount of pot from Mexico. To keep from drawing too much attention to himself crossing the border, he puts together a fake family with Rose O'Reilly (Jennifer Aniston), Kenny Rossmore (Will Poulter) & Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts). Quite the fake disfuncational family which makes for tons of laughs. I won't spoil the ending but about 1/2 way through the movie, you can see these 4 starting to care for each other as a real family. With lots of hiccups after almost getting caught crossing the border, meeting up with the Fitzgerald family (HILARIOUS) and being chased by Mexican cartel, this movie is great. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars only because of it's predictability.

The rest of the weekend was relaxing. Saturday evening, Husband & I met up with our good friends/neighbors for dinner & drinks at Texas Roadhouse. Sunday was cleaning day as it usually is. After finishing up, I had a great 40 min yoga session & then got to work on the treadmill for some HIIT training. I was super sore from my leg/back workout the day before & the yoga helped stretch me out before my run. Our super sweet neighbors invited us over for a swim. They had a beautiful pool put in a few weeks ago & invite us over all the time. It wasn't too blistering hot outside and the cloudiness kept us from baking in the pool. Overall, a great weekend with good food, friends & relaxation!

Friday, August 9, 2013

3 Things Friday

Happy Friday!!!

3 Things I’m crushing on:

Mick & The Mia Foundation - This dog is so adorbs! He’s a Boston Terrier born with “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome”. It means he was completely flat like pancake flat. He couldn’t stand, sit or walk & could only move his little head. Vets recommended that he be put down as they usually do with any animal born with a defect. The Mia Foundation didn’t let that happen. At 6 weeks old they took him in. The Foundation rescues animals that are born with birth defects, provides them with the therapy they need and then finds them homes. You can check it out here and see all the amazing success stories. Mick went through less than 2 weeks of therapy sessions for about 15 minutes 4 times a day before he started showing vast improvement. He was put into a harness and would work on gaining strength in his legs by swimming. During the day, his legs would be taped so he would learn to sit up. There are 2 great videos on the main website that show him through his 2 week process and also how he’s doing today. It’s pretty amazing to see the transformation. He’s running and bouncing as a tiny happy puppy should. You can also watch the video on Mia who the Foundation was started for and named after. She was a teeny tiny Chihuahua born with a cleft palate. Sadly, Mia took the Rainbow Bridge to puppy heaven in 2012 but her story shows what a wonderful life she lived even though it was cut too short. I think what this foundation is doing is wonderful and you can see their unconditional love for animals. Read some of the success stories of the animals that have been rescued by the Foundation, you might shed a little tear or bawl like a small child like I did.

Ok, I know that was kind of heavy for Friday so on to some lighter stuff…

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines featuring T.I. & Pharrell – I L.O.V.E this song! It’s the 2013 summer hit & the only person that isn’t raving about it is Husband. I can literally listen to it over and over again and not get tired of it. Have you seen the damn video?? I had to do some double takes…there’s some unexpected nudity of lady parts. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Robin Thicke. This man just oozes sexiness. I love his voice and I’m totally diggin this song & probably will for a while.

Bauble Bar – I can’t even remember how I found this website. It’s a wonderful jewelry site filled with rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets up the wazoo. They even have hair accessories. The prices start around $10 & can go up pretty high. For every $1 spent, you get a vault point & can use it for future purchases. You can also sign up for emails about sales, new & upcoming jewelry lines and (my fav) the BURIED BAUBLE! About 1-2 times a week, I get the best email a girl could ask for - a clue for a buried bauble item for either $10 or $20 (don’t worry, the clue is kid simple) and you can get a fab piece of jewelry for a low price. I tend to frequently purchase the $10 items because it’s a steal of a price for the quality of jewelry they sell. Oh yeah - the best part…FREE SHIPPING! I’m saving up my vault points for this necklace I’ve had my eye on for a while. Definitely worth a visit if you love to accessorize!

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm hoping to head out to dinner tonight & possibly a movie Saturday. Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Movie Review: Alex Cross

What did I ever do before Netflix came into my life? My subscription was a gift from my brother a few years ago and it’s honestly the best gift I’ve ever received. I’m overly cheap frugal but this is a monthly expense I have no problem with. Hubby & I are big movie buffs & very much enjoy our weekly Netflix arrival. We watch all sorts of movies & hardly see them in the theater anymore. It has to be something we're super pumped about for us to make the effort to see it in the theater.

Here’s my review of the movie we watched this past weekend.

Movie: Alex Cross

Main Stars: Tyler Perry, Ed Burns, Matthew Fox

My Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

I did read the book the movie is based off of “Cross” by James Patterson. It’s not a game changer if you haven’t read it though. I found this one to be fairly graphic & gory but that doesn’t bother me. Matthew Fox is almost unrecognizable in his role as “Picasso”. He lost a bunch of weight & is mega ripped with a shaved head. Picasso basically runs around town mutilating his victims while being chased by Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) & his partner Thomas Kane (Ed Burns) who are always one step behind him it seems. Things take a turn for the worse when Picasso… SPOILER ALERT…tortures & kills Thomas’s other partner/girlfriend and then violently shoots Alex’s pregnant wife. Once the vengeance has set in for these men, it’s nonstop action. I’ve seen Kiss the Girls & Along Came a Spider which star Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross & wasn’t sure how I would like the change of character. But Tyler Perry was great. If you’re used to him in more of his comedic roles, this will be a refreshing change.

Why not 5 stars??? Matthew Fox is lucky enough to race around in a beautiful Cadillac CTS V during the movie. Right before the end of the movie, this gorgeous creature of a vehicle gets totaled by Tyler Perry! Was that really necessary?! I was so sad I had to give it 4 stars!

The scene right before the big crash!  You can see Tyler Perry's car about to ram the beauty!