Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello Monday

I don't like you Monday.  The weekend flew by & I'm happy it was fairly relaxing.  Friday night was uneventful.  I did a double workout on Saturday.  Legs & back in the morning & then later in the afternoon I did yoga & abs.  Husband spent the day & evening at a friend's house watching football so that meant I had the house to myself!  After settling in for the evening, I did this...
Sushi, beer & Couples Retreat!  I love this movie & can quote every hilarious phrase.  I laugh throughout the whole thing.  It was actually a 3 movie night because after my 1st movie I watched Fast Five & then Transformers.  I was in the mood for action.  I almost made it to the end of the 3rd movie but I passed out.

Sunday started off slow.  I must have had one too many beers & was a little under the weather.  But I eventually got up & did all my food prep for the week, laundry & then yoga.  By now, my legs were hurting so bad I can barely move.  I should've gotten my butt on the treadmill for a run but I didn't.  This is now 2 weeks that I haven't been running & I really need to get back into it.  I can't wait until the temps drop so I can start running outside.  I tend to get burnt out of treadmill running towards the end of summer.  So my goal is to run 2 times a week which means I'll probably have to pick an evening after I get home from work to hop on the treadmill. Laziness takes over my body once 4:30 hits & have no desire to exercise once I get home. That's why I like to get it over with in the mornings. But what's one evening of running. Seriously, I need to motivate myself & get prepared for my 5k in October. It's creeping up on me & I can't make a fool of myself.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!