Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

Wow I had a busy weekend!

Husband & I both wanted to get up early in the a.m. so we stayed in & hit the sack early Friday. I woke up Saturday morning to the best weather in a long time...it was 65 degrees! I was in shock! I fed Ferg & we headed out on our morning walk & basked in every wonderful minute of it. Around 9 a.m. I planned on doing a leg/treadmill workout but opted for a run outside. This is the first time I've run outside since late Spring before it turned unbearable out & I was afraid I'd only be able to do maybe 2 miles. I did that & then 3 more, I had the best 5 mile run! My last mile & 1/2 was a bit rough but I pushed through & felt so strong. I could run outside in weather like that every day & never get tired of it. When I got back I took Ferg on a nice 1/2 miler. We haven't done that in forever, probably since the last time I ran outside. She loved it. She got to eat lots of worms & roll in a bunch of yards. She was a happy puppy.

Later in the day we headed to go visit Husband's grandma for her birthday. We had a nice visit with family & then headed to the grocery store. Yep, it's our idea of fun.

It was great to come home & relax. It felt like we had been on the go all day & Fergie was getting tired of us not being there to give her love. We watched a Netflix movie, Premium Rush & it was pretty good. It starred Joseph Gordon Levitt & he's so cute. He's a bike messenger & ends up getting a special package to deliver that has trouble following him through the whole movie. It was full of action & very fast paced, we enjoyed it.

Sunday I woke up with some crazy stiff legs, it hurt to walk. I knew yoga would be the best cure. I did my Bob Harper yoga & followed it with the 15 minute ab routine. Even though my legs were beyond sore I did pretty good. My balance was much better than last week.

After I showered & got dressed, I headed to meet my mom for lunch & a movie. We ate at Wich Wich, loved it! Then we proceeded to see one hell of a movie, Prisoners! It's about the 2 little girls that get kidnapped on Thanksgiving day. Hugh Jackman...Jake Gyllenhall. Yeah you know it. I heard great things about this movie & how it was very suspensful & would have you guessing the whole time. That all proved to be true. There were 2 scenes I would have preferred not to experience (animal scenes) but I just closed my eyes. Other than those, it was really good. I think I suspected every character in that movie & was wrong about all of them. What an ending! I won't go into detail in case any readers haven't seen it, but wow. It was a 2 1/2 hour movie but didn't feel like it, that's how great it was!

Monday morning workout - Kenpo X! It's a P90X workout & it's an awesome calorie burning kickboxing/karate type routine. This is one of my favs. I'm always sore in my back/shoulders & side abs from this. It was hard to even get through the stretching though because my calves were so tight & sore from my Saturday run. Felt great after I finished though.

This is my off week so just lots of yoga & cardio workouts. Oh my mom came up with a great workout option while we're on vacation...running stairs in the hotel. I used to love going to football fields & running the bleachers when I was younger. Much better than the stairmaster & it kicks my butt. Thanks Mother!