Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Few Things Forgotten

I get my posts ready the day before & sometimes I forget to include events or topics if it happens after my post is ready.

Here are some things I forgot from last week:

Wednesday night after I drove my lazy ass home from work, I did the usual. The usual in case you don't know is walk in the door & Fergie & I have our "Momma's Home!" time for about 5 minutes (it includes lots of love), change clothes, feed her & then we go on our after dinner walk. Remember how I posted that I really need to start running more & planned to run one night during the work week? I was so not in the mood when I got home but forced myself to do it. And I did! I ran a little over 2 miles & did HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training. I've been doing this sort of workout on the treadmill for a few months now since summer hit. I get really bored running straight through so this makes the time go by much faster. I do 1 min. sprints followed by 1 min. walking. I try to change up the incline % during the run & keep increasing my sprint speeds once I'm warmed up. Normally I do 45 minutes but since I hadn't run in 2 weeks, I took it easy. But it must have worked because my hamstrings & calves were killing me. Yay me!

Thursday night Husband & I met up at Chuy's in Denton to celebrate a special person's birthday. She's still under the age of 30 & it always makes me a little depressed since I haven't been under the age of 30 in a while but I was still excited. I guess I was overly excited since I hate 5 baskets of chips & salsa & then proceeded to order a meal. WTF! I got veggie enchiladas minus the cheese (since I'm a vegan and all) & they were delish. What sucked was how enlarged my stomach became & how uncomfortable I was for the rest of the evening. It didn't help that I drank 5 big cups of water at dinner to keep from having a beer. All in all it was a fun night & all our beautiful friends showed up. That birthday girl is one special someone!

Tomorrow's post will feature a new leg workout I did on Saturday & my new Yoga DVD I did on Sunday!  I'm still sore from both!

And I DID NOT get picked for a trial at jury duty!