Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back & Biceps with a Side of Migraine

I was still in "OMG I can't move my body without crying" pain from my workouts this week but I put my big girl panties on & powered through Biceps & Back Wednesday morning. Let me start off by saying I've had a massive migraine since Tuesday morning. It goes away & then comes back. It showed it's nasty face for my workout. And yeah, I'm the girl who will workout even if her head feels like it might actually expolde. In result, I feel like I barely made it through this.

I have pull ups & chin ups listed but I'm not actually doing them. I use a resistance band & a door aparatus that allows me to put the bands in the door & use them in the pull up/chin up form. I hope that makes sense. I'm down on one knee, leaning forward & pull the bands so I'm squeezing my back muscles together. I suppose this is the girly version, I'm proud enough to admit I can't do a real pull up or chin up. So this is a varition in the closest form possible to the actual move.

I tried to explain the exercises as best as I could. When working out at home, you have to get creative. In case it's not clear, see below:

Static Curl - Curl 1 arm 1/2 way up & hold. Do curls with opposite arm & then switch. I do 8 on each arm, 16 total.
One Arm Rows - In deep lunge position, rest left arm on left quad, row with the right arm pulling elbow up, switch.
Twisting Curls - They're called corkscrew curls, maybe that helps. Start by holding weights with palms facing away from you & twist your arm as you curl up. Only do one arm at a time & watch, you can see your bicep pop out. Not literally! But you can see it flex & that's how you know you've gone far enough. Twist back down & switch arms.
Bent Over Rows - I do these in a lunge position but not a deep lunge. Lunge just enough so that the weights don't touch the floor & pull up into a row & squeeze back muscles.
1-Arm Concentration Curl - Deep lunge position. Rest left arm on left quad & hold your forearm out towards your right. Gently hang right arm over left wrist but don't rest it. Your right elbow should just barely touch your left wrist. Then curl & switch.
In & Out Hammer Curl - Do a regular hammer curl, then flip your hands so your palms are facing the wall you're looking at, hammer out to the side. It feels awkward at first.

Tomorrow is yoga & I am so happy that I could cry. It will be the perfect conclusion for the week (at least until Saturday). I just hope I don't get stuck in downward dog.