Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time For a Change

I don't go to the gym. Well, I used to & I still have a membership but it's been frozen for a while. I've been working out to P90X for years now. I love it. Never thought I'd be that person who worked out at home but P90X changed my perspective on exercising. I was the snotty girl who didn't believe you could get a calorie burning workout in the privacy of your own home. Now I can't even tell you the last time my butt was in the gym. Since discovering how much better it is for me to workout in the a.m., the gym wouldn't be compatible with my schedule. I have taken a few breaks from P90X in the past & changed it up a bit but I always end up going back to the workout plan. And though I haven't followed the diet plan since finishing my first 2 cycles, I will never stop measuring & weighing my food and being adamant about portion sizing.

But everyone needs some change in their life. All the different exercises that P90X offers are so beneficial, but I find tons of new ones in fitness magazines, blogs & Pinterest that I always think about adding in. So I'm going to start creating my own workout plans that is basically a mixture of everything from P90X & my findings from other resources. I started off kind of basic Monday morning & below is what I did:

I kept moving from one set to the next however I didn't rush through any of the moves. I made sure to keep correct posture & focus on form but with little to no resting in between. The jumping jacks were a great way to raise my heart rate quickly. I did the whole workout (stretch, workout & stretch at the end) in about 50 minutes. I threw in the extra set at the end to challenge me. I'm not gonna lie, my upper body was jello after this! Actually I was pooped after the first set! My arms were on fire & still sore from the yoga I did all weekend.

I'm working on putting together a back & bicep plan for Wednesday. I more than likely will stick with the P90X leg & back workout (I do that workout on Saturdays)& the cardio workouts. After years of doing the same leg workout, I still can barely walk for 2 to 3 days after. I don't know what it is about the moves, but it kills my lower body in a super good way. There are a few moves using weights but mainly it's using your own body weight & balance. It's freaking hard. I might add in a few extra moves after I check out Pinterest. And doing yoga later in the day after the workout added intensity. I was feeling the burn in my quads later that night when normally it takes until the next day for the fire to set in.

So if you're interested, check back each day & I'll give a mini description of my workout plans.