Thursday, September 19, 2013

Workouts & Goodies

Only 7 more days until Vegas!!!

Quick workout recap of the week so far:

  • Monday - Chest, Shoulders & Tri's
  • Tuesday - Core
  • Wednesday - Back & Biceps - I had to skip the bonus round. Apparently I focused too much on the stretching portion & didn't have time for the extra round.   
I also became motivated & got my run on after getting home from work last night.  I did HIIT workout:

1 min walk, 1 min sprint - 6.0 speed, 1% incline, 2% incline, 3% incline
1 min walk, 1 min sprint - 6.2 speed, 1% incline, 2% incline, 3% incline
1 min walk, 1 min sprint - 6.3 speed, 1% incline, 2% incline, 3% incline
1 min walk, 1 min sprint - 6.5 speed, 1% incline, 2% incline, 3% incline

I ran each speed listed above at the different inclines.  My distance was a little over 2 miles & I felt great afterwards.

If you haven't been blessed with seeing the pictures Fergie & Josh shared of Axl Jack, here you go!!!! I'm not a fan of babies of the human kind but he is one gorgeous baby! He'll be breaking hearts soon. I would totally babysit for this kid.

Last week I received my Birchbox! Here's what it included for September:

So far I've tried the polish. It's not my first pick for a nail color so I used it on my feet instead. I wouldn't say I love it but it's a fun choice.

I also tried the shampoo & conditioner combo (red & white bottles). I didn't care for the shampoo. It didn't provide much lather or sudsing action which made me feel like it didn't clean my hair as well. Both smell wonderful with a coconut aroma that I loved & it reminds of suntan lotion which then reminds me of the beach, sigh. I could tell the next day I didn't get the best hair washing experience so I've just been wearing it in a cute pony so far this week. I'm not about to waste my time washing it again! I'll use the conditioner in the future, possibly mix it with some olive oil for a good hair mask treatment.

The big white pouch is a sample of an all over face primer, moisturizer, eye cream & night cream.  The 3 samples on the right side are cream blushes & they can be used as lip stain!  I'm excited to try these.