Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Bling & Food

Husband got the mail Tuesday night & a pretty package from Baublebar awaited me! I'd almost forgotten I ordered the bracelet. It was a buried bauble & when I saw it online I knew she had to be mine. It's a lot of bling & I love it! The other bracelet (#2) is a Bauble purchase as well.  I love the rose gold.  I think I need a new rose gold watch to match!
This is Week 2 of vegan food makeover. On Monday I traveled to Sprouts while at my parents house since there isn't one in Denton but unfortunately the store didn't have much of a vegan department like I remembered. I have to say it was easier last week getting rid of my eggs & snack cheese. This week is proving to be a bit more challenging. I eliminated delicious & flavorful feta cheese I top my lunch & dinner salads with. I picked out Go Veggie shredded mozzarella cheese to try. It's not bad, but nothing to get excited about. I love feta because it's fairly strong so a little goes a long way & it's low in calories & fat. It added the right amount of kick to my salads. But this new stuff was just something to try. There are many other "fake" cheese versions out there, hopefully.

My next switcharoo was yogurt. This was a big fat fail. Womp Womp. I've been eating Yoplait Greek at night with a mixture of strawberries & blueberries topped with chia & flax seeds. It's a perfectly light & sweet dessert to end the night with. I'm not a fan of greek yogurt usually, but the Yoplait Greek is so freaking yummy. BUT IT'S NOT VEGAN! So buh bye. I only found 2 vegan yogurts at Sprouts. One was coconut milk based that I think I would enjoy but it had 0 grams of protein. I didn't even know that was possible. I opted for Almond Breeze yogurt. Gross. I don't know how to describe the flavor but husband compared it to cardboard. Interesting. I like Almond Milk so surely I'd like the yogurt. No. I tried a few more bites after my initial reaction but couldn't handle it.

There's a store in Denton I've been to once called the Cupboard so I'll give that a try this weekend & report my findings. I'm hoping there's a bigger variety of vegan food. Certainly I'm not the only one in Denton!