Friday, September 6, 2013

Las Vegas Countdown Begins

Vegas Baby!!!!!!

September is finally here and the countdown to our Vegas trip at the end of the month has begun. Husband & I are going for 4 days & I'm getting pumped. I booked the trip months ago & I feel like it's taken so long to get here. We're going mainly for this:
Oh yeah!  It was Husband's idea & I don't think he thought I'd actually want to go. He mentioned it in conversation & the next day I came home with a list of hotel & flight options. Imagine the shock on his face!

We plan to go to the show on Friday & Saturday & I just purchased our weekend tickets.  Surprisingly, the tickets get us into a ton of the competitions that I initially thought were for VIP ticket holders only.  Plus, during the breaks, the competitors will be in the main area where vendors are located for pictures & mingling with fans. I've heard you come home with tons of free stuff from all the vendors too so I'm pretty excited about that part. Protein powders, energy bars, drinks & souvenirs...can't wait! Husband & I will be packing light so we have plenty of room for it all! We both are avid fitness magazine readers & it's pretty cool we're going to see these people in person. I hope I don't get starstruck & embarrass myself.  It's a possibility.

We're not staying at the fanciest hotel but I wanted to be close to the Convention Center where the show is being held so we can just walk over. There's also a monorail system right by the hotel that stops at different areas on the strip.

I LOVE Vegas & can't wait to walk through all the hotels & shops. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the weather will get a little cooler so we can enjoy being outside & walking around all the sites & people watching. We're not big gamblers but I have no problem playing slots in order to get my free booze so we'll be moving from casino to casino for sure. We plan to make a trip to Fremont Street also. This is my favorite. It's old Vegas & so cool. I had a blast last time walking up & down & seeing crazy people & being in the old casinos. It was so laid back & different from the strip.  We can't wait to go back!
Happy Friday & have a great weekend!