Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Funday

Happy Friday!

This week has been easy breezy since the majority of my office peeps were gone. It's usually like that Tuesday through Thursday but not on Fridays. We have a big store grand opening in Denver & that's where everyone is. I don't mind a busy office, it makes the days go by fast. But when I have things I want to get done without interruptions, it's nice to have a quiet office to accomplish that in.

My workout yesterday was lovely yoga. It felt extra fabulous since I ran the night before & my hamstrings were tight. My balance is so much better on the left side of my body compared to my right which is strange since I'm right handed. Any poses that are favoring my right hand & leg I'm so wobbly. I suppose that will improve over time. It could also be the fact that at 4am, my body is still asleep.

As I've mentioned before I'm going to Vegas next week!!!!! One thing I've never had to worry about when it comes to vacations I plan is getting my fitness on. I always plan for my "off week" to be during vacation times.

Side note: By off week I mean no strength training, mainly cardio, whether it's running or getting on another type of cardio machine.

While doing hotel research, I found that most hotels in Vegas have resort fees. I decided this ridiculous since it doesn't include anything. Luckily, the way I booked our hotel & flight package, I managed to skip out on the resort fee because I'm saavy like that. But I must not be saavy enough because I'm pretty sure there will still be a fee to use the fitness center. A 2 day pass is $36 for one person! That's $72 for Husband & I! I'm too cheap for that. And Husband said it won't be safe for me to go running outisde anywhere. So I'm creating a circuit workout to perform in the privacy of our own room that requires no equipment. So far I've gathered 8 moves from other fellow bloggers & my own workouts. If you're a fitness fanatic like me & have any good traveling workout suggestions, please send them my way.

As always, have a great weekend!