Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Hate Packing!

One more day!!!!!!! I'm having packing anxiety. I always think I'm going to forget something even though whatever I've forgotten, I'm pretty sure Vegas will have it. But I get this way about any trip. It's so much easier to pack for beach vacations, my list consists of bathing suits, flip flops & sunscreen. Easy. This trip is more difficult. We did luck out considering the high each day is 75! It's supposed to drop down to the high 50's in the evenings. I mean I don't even remember what that feels like.

This is my base list & it gets me off to a good start:

Sonic toothbrush
iPhone & iPod charger
Camera & charger
Workout clothes
Hair dryer

My mother always told me to start any packing list with your vitamins & you're less likely to stress or forget something important. If you don't take vitamins...well how do you survive without them?!

I sure wish Ferg could come with us, I'm gonna miss her something fierce. But she's staying with our friends next door & probably won't miss me at all. She's pretty in love with them & their 3 cats, it's like I don't exist when we go over to their house so I'm not worried one bit.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram, I'll try to keep up with fabulous picture postings. My user name is jaeaton1981. I'm off! Enjoying the Vegas life for the next 4 days!!!!!!