Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello Core Land

I was originally going to make some funny comment about today being hump day & haha. And then I thought, it's 9/11. I'm not going to get into anything depressing because this day makes me sad enough. Husband & I were talking last night about how crazy it is that there are actually kids now who didn't experience that horrific day and may not realize what it means. I can't believe it's been 12 years but I know for me, I will always remember so I hope you do to. And if your kids weren't born yet, make sure they understand what it means & how that day changed the world.

Ok, on to the workout...

Let me tell you how freaking sore my upper body was after my Monday workout! Holy crap! I was shocked. All I did was add 1 new exercise & mix all the other ones up but geeze I was hurting. I wanted to crawl into fetal position at my desk & suck my thumb. But, I'm a lady so I sucked it up like a big girl.

Tuesday morning's routine kicked my bum. I was already whining from the Monday routine & then I chose to do core synergistic. WTF! I hate core because it makes me feel so good afterwards. It's just not a normal feeling. It's hard and as much as I've done it, it never gets any easier.

What the heck is Core Synergistic?! It's a full body workout with main focus for every move being your mid section. Since I do this in the middle of my other workouts, I use 3-5 lb weights when needed (Not all moves use weights). I started doing this once a week about 4 months ago & it's made a big difference in my core strength & the appearance of my stomach region. I think it's been helping with yoga moves also. Your mid section holds your body together so if it's strong, then your other body parts will benefit more in the workouts.

Here's the workout below. It's split into 3 rounds.

I know the titles make the moves hard to understand. You can check out the website & watch some demos here. And I'm sure you can look some up on You Tube. I prefer to follow a DVD rather than go off a workout sheet (for cardio based routines) so I can make sure to have correct form & since most of the moves are timed, I'd rather have someone else bother with that mess.

I replace a few moves that don't feel right with a variety of plank moves. I love planks. You don't have to move much but wow they do the trick. Here are 3 plank variations that I do throughout the workout (all of these are on my elbows):

Instead of Crescent Lunges, Regular Plank - 45 second hold, rest 15 sec, 45 second hold
Instead of Walking Push Ups, Plank with Leg Lift - total time is 1 min. In plank position, raise leg slightly, squeezing your butt for 10 counts on each side, do it 2 times
Instead of Towel Hoppers, Plank with Hip Touch - total time is 1 min. In plank position, roll each hip to outer side & tap the floor. Focus on flexing your tummy & keep your arms steady. Your hip should be doing the movement, not your upper body.

I'll also do 75 jumping jacks instead of the 1 minute long Halfback exercise (it's like a football move & it feels awkward on my knees & I'm guessing the popping noise in my knee is not normal).

I know not everyone has P90X. Any type of a Core workout would be great to add into your routine. This one works for me because I workout at home, it requires little equipment & it really works every muscle in your body. The P90X routine only requires core once a month but I love doing it every week. I am always on the lookout for new DVDs that are challenging so if you've found any, please share!