Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Has Arrived!


Yoga yesterday morning was heaven. Well maybe not heaven because it was hard considering every muscle in my body felt like it had been beaten to shreds. So it was heaven after I finished. There, that's better. I always get nervous when I stray from the exact P90X plan & worry I might not have gotten the best workout. I feel much different than that. I am actually sore everywhere & that's a good feeling.

I know everyone is wondering how my vegan venture is going. Thanks for asking! It's going well. This week, the only non-vegan thing I'm putting in my body is my creamer for coffee. I'm happy with the progress & surprised it hasn't been harder for me to adjust. I never made it to the Cupboard this past weekend...I was under the weather. So I haven't found the perfect non-dairy yogurt yet. I'll go this weekend because I'm missing my nightly dessert. I've just been eating a handful of blueberries which isn't bad but I want something more rich.

I did have this amazing burrito for lunch yesterday. It's an Amy's Kitchen frozen burrito.
Amy's has great options for vegans & vegetarians. It's an organic dairy free bean burrito. I know you're thinking gross but it was the opposite. It was stuffed with beans, rice & tons of veggies. I didn't miss the cheese or sour cream at all. The tortilla itself was yummy too but I will say it didn't look that picture friendly after I cooked it. But how often does a frozen item actually look great after you cook it in the micro. I'll be getting more of those for next week. I love my salads at lunch but it's nice to mix it up & have a few other options. I think a piece of fruit with it would have hit the spot. It was 320 calories and 10 grams of protein and very filling.

I have the dreaded jury duty gig on Monday & will be MIA. Don't freak out when there isn't a Monday post, I know it'll be so hard to make it through the day. Unless I get picked for a case, I'll be back on Tuesday. Have a fantastic weekend!