Sunday, October 6, 2013

Still Here!

I'm back!  Vegas was fantastic!  But it's hard coming back from vacation & I've been playing catch up at work.  Therefore the blog was put on the back burner until I had some extra time.  Vegas posts will be coming shortly.  I have pictures to upload so something to look forward to!  We had a blast but it was great to come home.  Fergie was of course excited but judging by the pictures & videos I got from our neighbors, she didn't seem to miss us too much!

Weekend re-cap...Friday was quiet as usual.  Husband & I stayed in & watched our Netflix movie - Star Trek Into the Darkness.  It was awesome & we both agreed it was better than the first.  We ended up going to bed before 10pm, heaven!!  I got over 8 hours of sleep!  I felt very well rested the next morning & took Ferg on a long walk after the rain stopped.  Workout time followed.  I did P90X leg & back workout & it was great thanks to my energy drink I took before (got an endless amount of samples from Mr. Olympia).  Then I went to get my hair done which is always exciting, on to the grocery store & back home for more walking with Ferg.  She loves her walks & never seems to get tired.  Even though it was overcast & chilly most of the day we didn't care.  I've been waiting for this weather all summer!  Unfortunately, this drastic change in weather has made me sick.  Like literally.  First the coughing started late Saturday morning, followed by an increasingly sore throat & now I can barely talk or swallow without wincing in pain.  We went over to our friend's house on Saturday night & hung out at the fire pit so I'm sure that didn't help much.  By the end of the night, I was feeling terrible & we stayed up way past my normal bed time.  Lack of sleep + mega sore throat = miserable crappiness.   

I was so tired Sunday I ended up going back to sleep after Ferg's breakfast walk until after 10!  But it didn't stop me from having a productive day.  I cleaned the house, did some laundry, power yoga workout & then ran 3 miles outside.  Yep, even if I'm sick I'm still going to work out!

Oh yeah...I'm sad to say I am no longer following my vegan diet.  That diet is sooooo freaking hard.  If I enjoyed cooking & had the time to really experiment, I think I could've gotten used to it.  But lets be honest, I can't cook.  I can cook chicken & pasta but that's about as much as I can handle.  However, I am only buying cage free organic chicken & eggs so there's a point for me.  I'll get more into my diet with some pictures in later posts.  Mr. Olympia lit a spark up my butt to get into better shape & really focus on my diet.  I've made quite a few changes to my eating & working out.  Stay posted...good stuff to come!