Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend?  If you live in the DFW area then Saturday night was filled with rain I'm sure. 

Friday night after work, Husband & I met my parents, brother & his girlfriend at Rusty Taco in Denton.  We've been here once before but it was in the summertime & we didn't get to enjoy the nice patio they have.  This time, we all sat outside.  It was a perfect cool night & we had a great time.  After dinner we couldn't resist walking down to Beth Marie's for some dessert.  I had a scoop of Sue's Snickers & Cupcake in a cake cone.  It was heaven.  I wouldn't have taken a picture but devoured it before I could get my phone out.

Our weekend was non stop busy so we went grocery shopping Friday after dinner to get it over with.  It wasn't that eventful.

Saturday I woke up feeling good.  I ate breakfast & took Fergie on a long walk.  Then I went for a run.  I was physically in the mood for a run but not mentally.  However I ended up having an awesome run.  My goal was 5 miles & I made it 5 1/2.   About 1 mile into it, I started to feel warm & flexible.   It felt great outside & was overcast so it was the perfect weather.

After I got done, I cleaned the house, did laundry and had a protein bar for a snack.  We had plans to take Fergie to a Halloween event in Highland Village around 3. They were having a puppy costume contest, games & safe trick or treating for kids in all the shops.   But right before we were ready to leave, it started raining so we left her at home.  We met up with our friends & their 2 girls.  There were lots of dogs in cute costumes.  It was really fun.
This scarecrow was scary, he freaked me out
We had a Halloween party to go to so we ran some errands & then headed home to start getting ready.  This is when the rain storm began.  It was terrible!  I know we needed the rain but did it really have to happen when we're ready to leave?!  Our party was fun.  I went as a honey bee & Husband was dressed in 80's workout gear.  My costume lasted all of an hour.  It was itchy & uncomfortable & I was freezing so I ended up in a t-shirt & sweat pants, the perfect pajama costume!  We had a blast, maybe too much because we didn't leave until 3am.  I don't know how that happened.  My normal bedtime is 9 so it's a mystery how I lasted that long. 

My alarm was set for 7am Sunday morning.  It went off.  I didn't get up.  I ended up sleeping in until 8:30 & finally dragged my butt out of bed & took care of Ferg.  Then my butt made it's way back to the couch where I may have dozed off.  I wasn't feeling good, it could have been a combo of sleep deprivation & a mini hangover.  Eventually I got up & did my food prep.  We had friends coming over around 2pm so I was able to get a 45 minute cardio workout in & a brisk long walk with Fergie.

One of our friends was in town & we all try to get together when she visits.  It was a fun relaxing afternoon filled with good food & laughter.  And another friend brought her dog Luke, he is so precious.  Fergie will stay in the closet when we have friends over but Luke kept going in there to check on her & I spotted them laying together too.   Everyone left around 5 & we cleaned up then got comfy for the night.  I was grazing the food all day & wasn't super hungry.  Dinner was an apple, banana & egg whites.

Precious Luke!
Then I painted my nails.  This is one of my favorite colors.  It goes with any outfit.

Then it was bed time.  I think I lasted maybe 30 minutes watching TV in bed before I passed out.  I was exhausted.  Next weekend should be a little more relaxed!