Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vegas Part 1

Our flight for Vegas was early in the morning on Thursday so in order to avoid the traffic, we left nice & early.  We got to the airport in plenty of time for some of this:

Never too early for vacation beer
We flew Spirit airlines & I wouldn't recommend that on anyone.  It's awful.  The seats have no cushion, no room for your legs & even water costs money.  Not to mention you have to pay an arm & a leg to check a bag.

We got to Vegas & waited in the line for a taxi.  This was the longest never ending line I've ever been in.  Luckily the weather was fantastic & felt great outside. 

We got to our hotel which was off the strip next to the Convention Center.  It was packed.  Lots of the competitors & vendors were checking in the same time we were & I kept hearing people complain that rooms weren't ready.  We made our way to the receptionist & yay our room was ready.  At the last minute I upgraded to a resort room.  This meant we had access to a fabulous little lounge that had food from 6am to 8pm and also unlimited amounts of water & alcohol!  Score.  And we could use the fitness center.  We got to our room & it was very nice & had everything we needed.  We did a little tour of the hotel & checked out our main spots (fitness center, club lounge, restaurants, etc.). 

The only thing we had planned for Thursday was to meet up with my very old friend I've known since kindergarten later that evening so we had time to fill until then.  We headed to the strip via the monorail system.  This thing was fantastic.  We paid for a 3 day pass & rode as much as we wanted.  They have stops all along the strip & it's much cheaper than a taxi.  We used the hell out of our pass.  We did some sight seeing & made it to the Bellagio in time for the fountain show.  It was breathtaking!  It's so loud!

We walked for a few hours & then came back to the hotel to change.  The temps had started dropping & it was actually chilly!  So we changed into warmer clothes & made a pit stop at the lounge to take advantage of our beers.  We totally got our moneys worth just with the alcohol.

My friend is a Sirens dancer at Treasure Island on the boats outside the hotel.  We made it to her 7pm show & she's awesome!  I mean really awesome & we totally enjoyed the show.  We met up with her in between shows at Starbucks inside the hotel.  We only had about 45 minutes to chat & it was like no time had passed when we saw each other.  So great to catch up with her & I could've talked with her for hours.  It was hard to get good pictures of the show but here are a few.
Random dude in my photo

After that we had planned on going to Fremont St. as this was the only free night we had but opted to just stay on the strip & walk our way down to the MGM.  And walking we did...a lot!  And drinking made it's way in there too.  I love walking the strip with a beer in my hand!  We made it a fairly early night since it was really 2 hours later for us & we wanted to get up early to work out.
(I'm not the best picture taker but trying to get photos while walking the strip is not easy.  It's so crowded.)

Caught the end of the fountain show at night. 

We woke up around 7am & got dressed to work out.  The fitness center was nice & I got my HIIT workout in on the treadmill.  Then we went to our lounge for a light breakfast, showered & made our way to Mr. Olympia.  It was soooo fun.  We stayed for about 4 hours & my arms were dying from carrying our swag bag & all the free stuff that was piled in it.
It's The Hulk!
The place was packed.  I was surprised how many people came to this expo.  I knew it was popular but I just had no idea.

After our legs had turned to jello we went back to the hotel.  Husband had a few friends that were arriving that evening & we were going to meet up with them for some after parties.  We grabbed some lunch & went back to the room to relax & shower.  Then we waited in the lounge while staying hydrated.

We went to a small party at the Renaissance Hotel next to the Convention Center.  We were only there for maybe 20 minutes & then on to the next party at the Encore Beach Club.  Everyone decided it was close enough to walk.  WALK!  Let me say it was not close.  Not close at all.  We walked forever.  I felt like it was miles but I'm sure it wasn't.  Then we couldn't find the damn beach club & actually passed it once.   We then waited in line for about 30 minutes since we were the first ones to arrive.  We like being prompt.  After we got in it was really cool.  We had our own cabana with bottle service.  Even though I was worn out from our long hike to the hotel it was a fun night.

Part 2 will be posted soon!