Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fergie, Food & Jewels

I thought I'd start this post off with a cute picture of Fergie. She got a new bed last week & loves it as you can tell. She has beds in almost every room except the workout room. I think this is her new fav though. Can't you tell?

I got a new yoga DVD & I really like it. It's a Jillian Michaels workout & it has two 30-minute yoga sessions on it. I was getting tired of my other yoga routine so I'll mix all 3 of these during the week. I tried Level 1 Monday morning. It's good, more of a cardio workout. You move through the poses a little faster so you aren't holding as long & your heart rate stays up but not so much that you're out of breath. It's only 30 minutes & is a nice addition to my yoga practice. I'll review Level 2 tomorrow. I think it might be a little harder.

I changed up my dinner Monday night. We had lunch catered at work from On the Border so I brought Husband home fajita chicken & veggies & tortillas. I decided to have some burritos instead of salad. I used the same amount of toppings as I do on my salads, I just evenly distributed to 3 burritos. Minus the lettuce b/c they were small & I ran out of room! They were delish! I love fresh tortillas.

Last week I received my new Baublebar purchase & I love it! I originally had another necklace in my shopping bag but by the time I went to checkout later in the evening, it was sold out. Everyone else must have my good taste. So I opted for this one & it's perfect. I'm crushing on rose gold right now & this piece is very delicate & would go great with another longer necklace. I have a $10 coupon to use & I have a few necklaces in mind. I would like a yellow or orange bib-type necklace so I've been searching on the website.
Have a great day!