Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fridays at the ER

Hello & sorry I've been avoiding the blog! I've been sick for the past week.  Last week I missed about 4 days of work. Yep. I posted in my weekend summary that I wasn't feeling to peppy & it started last Saturday night. Well that nasty hacking & sore throat I had took over my life for the next week. Fun stuff. The last solid span of sleep I've had since I got sick was last Monday night/Tuesday morning. I guess I can be thankful for those glorious 10 hours of sleep because I haven't seen it since then & I desperately miss it. I stayed home Tuesday & Wednesday & finally got into the Dr. Thursday morning to be diagnosed with bronchitis & got some drugs. Antibiotics & cough syrup w/ hydrocodone. I stayed home & "rested" for the remainder of the day. Since the coughing becomes violently worse the minute my head hits the pillow, resting isn't really what I'd call it.

I managed to make it to work for a few hours on Friday only to be told to go home because I sounded like I was dying. I tried the whole resting thing again but failed. I thought I'd see if the pharmacy had anything just to help my cough because certainly the pharmacist is smarter than my Dr. By now I was a walking zombie & could fall asleep no problem, I just needed the coughing to STOP! I wasted my money on useless medicine. Husband came home & we watched some TV. By this point, I had taken my allergy medicine (makes me sleepy), melatonin & double dose of cough syrup. Needless to say I could barely keep my eyes open. I went to bed & covered my nose & chest with Vix & smelled lovely. I propped my pillows up to try & trick my body to think I was still standing up. I gave it an hour but by 10:30 I was developing shooting pains in my ribs every time I coughed...so like every 5 seconds. Not to mention I was starting to have problems breathing.

I took my pitiful self out to Husband & told him I've had it, take me to the damn ER! The next 2 hours were uneventful. I got admitted surprisingly fast & had my vitals taken. Then later had a chest x-ray & I got to see my really long lungs (that's what the tech told me anyway). And then waited another hour. The Dr. said it was a good idea to come in because if I had waited until Monday to see my regular Dr., this crap could've developed into pneumonia.
My pretty bracelet from the ER
The really sweet nurse gave me an Rx for some pills to help with the pain in my ribs, an inhaler that had wonderful steroids in it & MORE cough syrup with hydrocodone & some other nonsense. We drove to a CVS that was not close & by now it's like 2am. Luckily not much happens in CVS at 2am so I got my meds fast. Got home & put the inhaler to work and chugged the syrup. I definitely slept. Not fantastic but I slept enough to have some relief. I can use my inhaler ever 4 hours & that I do. And by now I'm coming to the conclusion that me & hydrocodone aren't friends. I think I'm immune to it because that stuff just does nothing for me.

I was pretty much a lump on Saturday & only managed to go to the grocery store. Sunday was productive. I got all my food ready for the week as usual & had a double workout. I did power yoga & yoga abs, took about an hour break & then did legs & back. Fergie & I also did lots of walking even though it was a gloomy day & sprinkling out. I still don't sleep much at night. I've finished my antibiotics & just really hope some relief comes soon.

So there ya have it, my fun ER experience. I promise to have some workout postings soon as I've changed my schedule up a bit. Have a great day!