Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vegas Part 2

Since we stayed out kind of late on Friday, our Saturday morning workout was skipped.  We decided to sleep in a bit & then go to breakfast.  We got dressed & walked over to the expo.  I got my fix on all the samples from the day before so only grabbed a few things from the exhibits this time.  We met up with some friends & got into a booth to relax a bit.  After about 2 hours we were all drained & went back to the hotel.

Husband & I were hungry but wanted to get out of the hotel so we took the monorail back to the strip to walk around and grab lunch.  It was such a gorgeous day.  A little warmer than the past 2 days but sunny & breezy.  We ended up having lunch at a great Mexican place & then made our way through all the hotels.  I got hung up at the Flamingo once I realized they had a mini zoo inside!  I think I over did it with the pictures but I was in love with all the animals.

Flamingos IN the Flamingo...who would have thought!

While we were at the Flamingo we got a call from our friends that they scored some tickets to a party that night.  We had planned on just staying out at the strip & walking around for a low key night but plans change.  To kill some time, we went to the Venetian.  I love this hotel.  Super ritzy & the shopping ambiance inside is mesmerizing.  I did find my way into Michael Kors but didn't buy anything (I have a MK outlet store I'd rather go to).  I'm too cheap to buy full price!

It's Ted! 
Inside of Venetian, ceiling is so gorgeous
Just a cool art gallery

Around 4 we went back to the hotel to get showered & of course grab some drinks at the lounge.  The guys were going to Hard Rock for dinner so we met up with them afterwards & tried our luck at the slot machines in the hotel.  We lost $35 in like 5 minutes.  We got annoyed.  We didn't gamble anymore.  But on a high note, we loved this hotel.  It's not on the strip which kind of sucks but other than that it was very entertaining.  Sadly I didn't take any pictures except for this one to represent Crue for Husband.
Motley Crue was performing at Hard Rock
The party we had tickets to was across the street at the Rumor Boutique Hotel.  Well the party was a total bust and we didn't stay long.  We thought it had an open bar & were sadly mistaken when we arrived.  So we walked (yep more walking) back out to the strip.  And no, it wasn't a quick walk & keep in mind I'm wearing wedges.  I hadn't planned on any more exercising but I didn't complain.  I did almost trip about 3 times.  Husband & I opted to get back on the monorail & make it an early night while the guys went out for more gambling.  We said our goodbyes & left.  Next morning we packed, had our breakfast & went to the airport. I was glad I skipped out on more samples on Saturday because my suitcase was too heavy! I had a feeling that was going to happen. But we just did some shuffling around between our suitcases & problem solved! We were very excited to be on our way back to the baby!

Vegas was so fun & I would totally go back next year.  I'd probably cut it a day short & fly out on Friday, only go to the expo on Saturday & then head home on Sunday.   As much fun as Vegas is, it's also $$$ but loved every minute of it!