Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Fun

Happy Tuesday!  Only one more week for me at work & then I'm on Thanksgiving vacation!!  I can't wait. 

My weekend was busy & full of fun.  It involved good food & good friends!  Friday night we went out for dinner with 2 other couples to Rooster's in Denton on the square.  I love this place.  I get the Cobb salad (minus the bacon) & it's super yummy.  It has nuts, blue cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, grilled chicken, dried cranberries & so much more in it.  And it comes with a light vinaigrette so I feel it's fairly healthy.  I didn't take a picture because I felt kind of weird out with other people but it was wonderful & I had been looking forward to it all day.  Husband got a grilled cheese with steak...I'm not really sure what it was but it looked like it could possibly cause a heart attack. 

After dinner, we made our way back to our house for some drinking & games.  I can be a teeny bit  competitive when playing games & I actually toned it down so I was proud of myself.  I can't remember the name of the game we played but you had to really know the poeple you were playing with.  So I kind of sucked & didn't win but I wasn't a sore loser. 

Saturday was spent doing stuff around the house, grocery shopping & some laundry.  Fergie & I had some nice walks.  I got this new Jillian Michaels yoga DVD:

It was great.  I did Level 1 & I was sweating like crazy when I finished.  I then did one of the Focused 15 minute ab routines from the NTC app.  It was really windy outside so I decided to do some HIIT training on the treadmill instead.  I did 35 minutes (5 minute warm up) & then started some sprint drills.  This kicked my butt.  I haven't done these since the end of summer & I felt the calories burn away the whole time.

Saturday night we watched White House Down.  It was full of action within the first 10 minutes & I loved it.  Even if I wasn't a crazy obsessed Channing Tatum fan, I'd still like the movie.  It had me on edge the whole time.  It didn't hurt that Channing was down to a wife beater quickly into the movie showing off his arms...and muscles...ahh.  Anyway.

On Sunday I took Fergie on a nice long walk.  We had fun but it was so damn warm!  Ick.  She wasn't happy either.  I did some more laundry & food prep, then a yoga routine & one of the 30 minute Get Lean cardio drills from NTC.  That app is totally kicking my ass. 

Some of my friends were in town from Colorado so we all met up at our friend's house to hang out and eat.  It was great to see them, they looked amazing as usual.  Husband had to work but showed up on his way home.  I left shortly after to finish up with dinner & take care of Fergie.

So that's it!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!