Monday, November 11, 2013

Community Beer Open House

Happy Tuesday!!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was great but went way too fast. 

I went grocery shopping on Friday after work because I had a busy day planned on Saturday & didn't want to mess with the grocery store.  I got some new items to make for dinner that I'm excited about.  I'll post some pictures soon.  I got home & relaxed & we watched Hangover III.  It was pretty funny, I liked it better than the 2nd but nothing tops the 1st. 

Saturday started with a 5 mile run.  The first 2.5 miles were rough.  My shins hurt in a weird way, I felt like I was stomping down hard every time my foot hit the ground & I was moving fairly slow because it was really windy.  I was coming up to my turn around point when all of a sudden, I felt great.  My shin pain disappeared, I was breathing great & I felt like I transformed into a gazelle.  I have no clue what happened but I went with it & ran a nice & comfortable sprint for the rest of the 2.5 miles.  It was crazy.  I had taken Fergie on a 1/2 mile walk before my run so maybe I needed more stretching. 

We had fun plans for Saturday afternoon.  We met up with our friends at a local brewery in Dallas called Community Beer Brewery for an open house event.  They were teamed up with Dallas Pets Alive so I was in heaven.  People brought their dogs & the rescue had a bunch of dogs that were available for foster & adoption.  I got my fix on kisses from puppies!  I bonded with Copper who was a Chihuahua mix.  So precious. 

The brewery was kind of small but they might be expanding.  There was a section that was kind of under construction & was being painted so I imagine they will grow.  Everything was in one room but it was really fun.  They had giant size Jenga & Corn Hole to play.  There was lots of local art work displayed & they had a guy playing guitar who was really good.  There were 6 beers to choose from & I had 2 of them.  You got 3 beer tickets with your admission.  I only used 2 of mine & gave my last one to Husband.  The beer was really strong & I ended up not eating any of the food (they only had 2 stands set up for food) so I didn't want to get typsy.  We all had a blast!

Guitar band guy
Photo bomb

Our tour guide 

We stayed for 3 hours & then went to dinner at Blue Goose.   DELISH! 

I had fish tacos & remembered to snap a pic before I inhaled them.  Husband & I headed home after dinner to take care of Fergie then went back to our friends house for more drinking & some games.  And SMORES!  That was what I was most excited about.  We played Beer Pong & Flip Cup.  I got bored with Flip Cup & moved on to my smore making skills for the rest of the evening.

Luckily, I didn't drink too much & felt great on Sunday.  Fergie & I had some much needed snuggle time after breakfast & we got caught up on our shows.  Then I did the usual; laundry & food prep.  Later in the afternoon I did power yoga & then I tried a new workout.  I'll get into it more & show some pictures in tomorrow's post.  It's the Nike Training App & it's awesome.  Tons of workouts so you can never get bored.  The workout I did kicked my butt & I thought I was going to vomit when I finished.  I was dripping sweat so bad I couldn't see & basically laid on the floor for 5 minutes afterwards afraid to move. 

That is all, have a great day!