Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Birchbox

I got my Birchbox for November a while ago but haven't gotten around to trying any of the products yet.  Except I did inhale the wonderful popping chocolate thing that came.  Here's what was in the box:

Chella - Highlighter Pencil - Says you can use this pencil 10 different ways from highlighting your brow bone to using it on the cheekbones.

Color Club - Dark N' Stormy - I'll be trying the polish this week & I can't wait.  I love deep, dark colors.

It's a 10 - Leave In Product - I know I'll like this one.   My hairstylist has used this on my hair before & it smells heavenly & leaves my hair feeling amazeballs.

Toissan - Body Cream - So this sure is a tiny jar to use on my body. I could probably use what's in the jar on 1/2 my body but it smells really good.  I'll be taking this to work to use as a hand cream.

Chuao - Chocolate treat - Remember that crystal pop rocks stuff you used to eat as a kid?  This is chocolate reminded me of that when you eat it.  It's wonderful chocolate with that popping sensation.  Very yummy!