Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Busy Weekend

Happy Tuesday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was busy & fun & I'm still recuperating from it. 

Friday after work I had a hair appointment & I was really excited.  I had been going to my stylist for a long time but a few months ago, I started going to a salon in Denton.  I hadn't been that happy so I started going to my girl again.  My stylist is so sweet & every time I get my hair done (every 4 weeks, yep) it's like hanging out with my close friend.  So I was glad I went back to her & she's moving into a new spiffy salon next week that I'm excited to see.  I was exhausted afterwards & headed home to Fergie & Husband.  I brought home pizza & cheese sticks that we ordered for lunch at work.  I was really hungry I stuffed my face & then felt gross afterwards.  We watched World War Z & it was freaky.  It was really good & constant action & suspense.  If you have a weak stomach, you may want to skip it because it's kind of graphic but I liked it.

Saturday we had plans to take Fergie to Fido Fest in Flower Mound.  It's an annual event that the Flower Mound Humane Society puts together with a 1 mile dog walk & tons of vendors show up.  I was excited this year because it was later in the year & we had great weather.  But before we left for that, I got in a great 5 mile run.  It was nice & chilly & felt wonderful.  After a quick shower, we headed out.  Fergie was all sorts of excited & was pretty good in the car.  She had so much fun meeting new dogs & she did really well with all the people.  She is a very nervous dog around people she doesn't know but was surprisingly friendly & sniffed everyone.
Fergie wore her "Daddy's Little Girl" t-shirt
Afterwards, we headed over to my mom's house to hang out for a bit.  Fergie LOVES my parent's house, particularly the backyard.  My parent's grass is really soft so she loves to roll in it.  I got a nice surprise when I walked inside & saw my dad.  My mom told me he would be working so I was excited to see him.  He works for Southwest Airlines & usually leaves on the weekends to fly.  We had Jersey Mike's for lunch, yum.  Then we took Emma & Fergie on a walk.  Emma is one of my mom's doxies & she isn't the friendliest of dogs to other dogs.  And that's putting it nicely.  She loves her people but would rather try to kill Fergie than play with her.  So she had to stay in one of the rooms while we visited but actually did well on our walk.  There were some growls at first but she calmed down. 

After our lunch & walk, we headed home.  I did my grocery shopping & then had to start getting ready for a night out.  Our friend Kelly's birthday was last weekend so we were going out to celebrate at Oakstreet Drafthouse in Denton.  Love this bar.  It's in an old house & has really cool furniture & a ton of different beer choices.  And a huge patio.  It was chilly so we stayed inside & hung out.
From what I can remember, everyone had a great time.  I apparently over did it with my drinking skills and may have gotten a little hammered.  I know I had beer at home while getting ready because that is just so fun to do.  And then maybe I had 5 or 6 more at the bar.  But who's counting.   The next thing I can recall is waking up in the morning waiting for my head to start pounding.  Well that never happened so instead I felt like I was going to vomit all day.  Like really ALL damn day.  My butt was planted on the couch for the majority of the day but I did manage to do all my food prep, laundry & some yoga.  Fergie must have known I was under the weather because she was extra cuddly all day & wouldn't leave my side.

So that was my awesome event filled weekend.  We were non-stop busy & had a lot of fun.  The weather was great for all our outdoor plans.  This week is my off week from strength training so just lots of cardio & yoga.  Have a great day!