Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NTC Greatness

Huuump Daaayyyy!!!!!!  Half way through the week, yay! 

I mentioned in my blog post yesterday about the new app I downloaded with tons of workouts.  It's the Nike Training Club App & best part, it's free.  I'm really surprised it's free because the workouts are amazeballs.  You start out by choosing the type of workout to do:
Next you select your level.  I've been choosing advanced since I workout at least 6 days a week:

From there you will have roughly three 30 minute workouts & three 45 minute workouts to choose from.  The beginner workouts have four 30 & 45 minute workouts to choose from.  You can preview the workouts before you do them which I recommend.  You can look at pictures of each move & there are videos of someone performing the move two times so you get a great demonstration.  I've been deciding what workout to do ahead of time & really going over the videos to be familiar with it.  Each move is 30 seconds to 2 minutes long & the app times each exercise for you which is awesome.  I don't have to worry about looking at the clock or setting my own timer.  It's so easy.  And you can also preview the exercise again while in the middle of the workout & it automatically pauses the timer for you.  Genius. 

I love this app because I like to be told what to do & not have to worry about what's next.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy P90X so much.  You just put in the DVD & get started.  And this app works just like that.  You can view what equipment you will need.  It's nothing extensive; mainly weights & medicine balls.  And I love that the workouts are under an hour.  I totally recommend downloading this app right away.  It will not disappoint.

So far, I've done 3 of the workouts.  On Sunday, after yoga, I did one of the Get Lean 30 minute cardio drills.  Holy crap it was hard.  I wasn't expecting it.  I was soaking wet & so fatigued when I finished.  The move that killed me were the squat jumps.  If you've ever done those, you know they aren't easy but I do them in Plyo once a week.  However, in Plyo, it's 30 seconds of them.  In the NTC workout, you do 2 minutes 2 times!!  Ouch!  Other moves include different planks, burpees & explosive lunges.  I'm telling you, 30 minutes may not sound like a long time but it felt like it was never ending.  On Monday, I did yoga in the a.m. & then in the p.m. I did one of the Get Tone 30 min. workouts followed by a 15 minute shoulder ripper workout.  In the 1st picture above you'll see the last option is Get Focused.  These are muscle specific 15 minute workouts.  There are a few choices for all your muscles.  It's a great addition to help burn out whatever part your working.  My shoulders were on fire within 5 minutes.  I'm crazy obsessed with this app.  If you try it out let me know what you think!

I changed things up for dinner on Monday.  I sometimes don't feel like having a salad so I made a wrap.  It's a yummy whole wheat tortilla wrap with hummus, chicken, spinach & sliced avocado & some cherry tomatoes on the side.  So good & surprisingly filling.  I'm glad I didn't make 2 of them! 

And some fruit for dessert:

And then this little pumpkin found her new lounging spot on the couch & stared at me while I worked on the computer.

Every time I am on my phone, computer, iPad or looking at a magazine, she gets really pissed off & becomes clingy.  She will paw at you until you surrender to her.  It doesn't take much with that face.

Have a great day!