Wednesday, November 6, 2013

That One Time When I Ran Super Fast

Oh yeah, you read that right.  Remember that race I ran & kicked major ass!?!  OK so I'm tooting my own horn a bit.  These are the results from the Tails n' Trails 5K I ran in October.  I came in 1st in my age group & overall placed 36 out of 180!  I don't think I've run that fast since high school.  I'm quite proud of myself.  Yay me!

As mentioned in yesterday's blog, this is my off week of working out.  No that doesn't mean I'm taking the week off so maybe I should name it something non weight training week.  That's better.  I'm just focusing on cardio workouts this week & yoga.  Monday morning I did Level 1 of the Jillian Michaels yoga & then after work I did Core Synergystics (P90X).  I hadn't done this one in a few weeks & I was excited how much better I was at the moves & how my form has improved.  I credit that to the yoga.  It is so beneficial & I'm kicking myself in the ass for not practicing yoga years ago. 

Yesterday morning was Body By Bethenny yoga.  Love this one.  It's funny how some mornings, my balance is perfection & then other's like yesterday, I'm falling all over the place.  But hey, I try hard & get er done so that's all that matters.  And I'm sweating afterwards so I know I worked hard.  After work it was Plyometrics (P90X).  Such a great cardio & leg workout. 

Last week was a challenging week for me with food.  In my office, we had district reviews all week (we have 14 districts that come to our office) & that means donuts EVERY morning & lunch catered EVERY day.  I have discipline when it comes to food but not when it's staring at me & filling my nose with wonderful smells!  I stuck to my guns most of the week & especially on BBQ day because it makes me sick but I may have eaten some cookies & scarfed down bread a few times.  Ridiculous.  So yesterday was our last day of reviews & thank goodness.  Donuts were tempting me when I walked into the office of course but I ignored them & tried to stay out of the kitchen area.   Or maybe I walked in there once to open the box & stare at them...and quite possibly smell them.   Then lunch came, Jersey Mike's.  Since I just ate here on Saturday it was easy to say no.  And my lovely boss ordered me a grilled chicken salad because she knows me too well.  BUT there were cookies.   And they looked absolutely delish.  3 varieties that I love: m&m, chocolate chip & sugar cookies.  I stayed away & kept telling myself "remember how you felt last week after you inhaled one five cookies!".  Temptation is so hard & many times I give in.  But I try to remember moments like yesterday when I didn't give in & felt great about it.  Some people say this is silly & just enjoy food.  I definitely enjoy my food.  I love everything I eat all day but what I love more about what I eat is the way I feel after.  That's more important to me then the 10 seconds of joy I'll feel if I eat a cookie. 
I'm sorry but I have to quit you until Saturday
Do you have temptation like this?  How do you stay away or say no?