Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Friday

I wasn't one of the crazy shoppers that waited outside Target or Best Buy to get in after stuffing my face during the day with a Thanksgiving feast...because I did it last year.

This year I waited until Friday afternoon to venture out.  I had my eye on this beautiful Rachael Ray cookware set that was at Target & Walmart but sadly...it was gone by the time I arrived.  I will admit, I may have shed a tear when I couldn't find it.  I almost bought it last year but opted out.  Now I'm kicking myself in the ass for not getting it.  I did score this cute new toaster!

I think it's very cute & kind of retro!  And it was only $24.  Go me.

I went into Bed Bath & Beyond to see what kind of cookware sets they had & that was a big fat zero!  I did see this cool bedding set I'm going to keep my eye on for our guest bedroom.
 And this great wall art!  I love anything black & white & this is just perfect.
Did you go out into the obnoxious crowds on Thanksgiving night??  I wish I had now thinking back & most likely next year, I'll be standing in one of those lines! Luckily Cyber Monday didn't fail me & I ordered my awesome Rachael Ray cookware set from Khols. It was on sale plus I magically got an email for an extra 20% off so I didn't even blink. It should arrive sometime next week & I can't wait! It's actually a completely different set than I had originally wanted & now I'm glad I wasn't able to find the other. This one is way better & more heavy duty. Don't worry, there will be pictures!